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How-to: Add users to administer a Facebook business page

It’s been possible to create a Facebook page for a business or organisation for a while. It just wasn’t easy to administer a page; hard to find controls, settings scattered about, not intuitive, not easy to find… you get the idea.

Want to add other Facebook users as admins or editors to a page? Take a deep breath…

Until the most recent make-over of Facebook pages actually produced an improvement! All the page settings have been pulled together in one place, where you can find them – and they’re almost self-eivdent. How’s that for a Facebook usability good news story? Continue reading

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Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)Five years on: the ‘vikings’ are still inexplicably Scottish, their kids remain, more inexplicably, irritating all-American teens; Jay Baruschel still sounds like Tom Hanks; but the dragons and the flying sequences are even more thrilling. Just as well, given some dodgy politics.

At times terrifyingly dark, intense and scary, the kinetic theme-park ride can’t conceal the broadest-brushed life lessons in a hackneyed script. But why does Kate Blanchett’s character look like a space alien, and what’s with the borderline racism? Continue reading


Review: Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Edge of Tomorrow movie posterAlways watchable Tom Cruise fights another War of the Worlds in this rollicking, timey-wimey, CGI-laden Groundhog Troopers. Or should that be Starship Groundhogs? Or possibly Independence Groundhogs?

Five years after meteorites crash land carrying an alien invasion force, cowardly PR slime-ball Will Cage (Cruise) is sent to the front-line as cannon-fodder and is killed almost immediately – only to wake up again at the start of the previous day. Somehow he’s been infected with the aliens’ ability to ‘reset’ time. Under the training of Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), Cage lives the same day over and over; but foreknowledge of the battlefield doesn’t prevent the failure of the human counter-attack. Instead, the pair have to find a way to kill the alien central ‘mind’ before the attack even happens.

It’s Groundhog Day with armoured exoskeletons, big guns, big explosions and hordes of thrashing, tentacled metal nasties. Continue reading


Review: Postman Pat The Movie (2014)

Postman Pat The Movie - posterNieces. That’s my excuse for going to see this. So what’s the producers excuse for what they’ve done to a beloved childrens’ TV character?

Why, when they make a feature length movie, do producers want to take the very thing they presumably paid a lot of money for the movie rights, then turn it into something else?

Postman Pat The Movie is like a throwback to 70′s sit-com spin-offs; take a successful TV property, then take it on holiday; sacrifice the familiar elements that make it what it is, then ditch the characters, the setting and any of the plotting and turn it into… a shallow imitation of itself. Continue reading


Humour: No Flush

Humour: No flush - image“Well, you can flush… but we don’t appear to have connected it yet.”
(Ringwood Gateway Conveniences)

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