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Review: Intruders (BBC America/BBC2)

Glen Morgan’s dark and violent conspiracy thriller sets itself up as inheritor to the X-Files; but if that doesn’t put you off, then shades of The Da Vinci Code and Labyrinth just might. Wearing its heart on it’s sleeve, Intruders blows its well-executed mystery set-up in the first episode to reveal its dark underbelly to … Continue reading

Review: Interstellar

Christopher Nolan’s apocalyptic space epic isn’t really about space; it’s about family. Yes, it challenges Gravity as a technical triumph; but it’s too long and has a thumping great sci-fi time paradox at its core. And while McConoughey, Chastain and Caine have never been better, you come to realise Nolan has only gone and remade … Continue reading

How-to: Know the facts. Stop the fraud. [Re-post]

A worthwhile post care of the British Banking Association at Keeping your money safe is your bank’s number one priority. That’s why they’ve set up secure procedures to protect you from fraudsters. But these criminals are often sophisticated and their techniques are constantly changing. One such ploy is to pretend they work for the … Continue reading

Review: Effie Gray (2014)

Screenwriter Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility) delivers a workmanlike take on this well-known tale of a 19th century marital failure. Dakota Fanning (Twilight) takes the lead as Ruskin’s teenage bride, her perfect mellifluous English accent nailed, but her lines recited in a composed monotone and the flawless face unmarred by any real expression. Greg Wise … Continue reading

Review: Gotham

DC Comics gets serious in its rivalry with Marvel Studios in this impressively dark and threatening origins show; Batman the Early Years eschews the teen soapy Smallville to import Chris Nolan’s Batman movies and repeat the dark aesthetic of Arrow. Don’t forget your flashlight and moral compass. Beginning with the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, … Continue reading

How-to: Three Great Leader Traits

Originally posted as ‘Three Great Leader Traits‘ at Speaking Well In Public‬’s Facebook page. Not all leaders are managers, and not all managers are able to lead. Leadership ability doesn’t necessarily arrive with a training course, and it’s nothing to do with age. It’s about personal credibility and charisma; that certain something that gives you … Continue reading

Review: The Maze Runner (2014)

Impressive visuals can’t hide the lack of originality behind this “Hunger Games meets Lord of the Flies” franchise opener. And with the long shadow of Lost cast front and centre, you know you can’t trust a thing that anyone says or does from start to finish. Just as well The Maze Runner‘s Lost Boys are … Continue reading

Review: Dracula Untold (2014)

Actually, chaps, it’s Dracula Re-told in that ‘Lord of the Rings mashed with 300/Videogames’ aesthetic, in a kinetic but oddly stilted, bloodless CGI-fest of 15-certificate non-horror. Welshman of the moment Luke Evans (The Hobbit, Immortals) cuts a dash as the anguished and clearly misunderstood Vlad (the Impaler) Dracul, historical Transylvanian prince of legendary cruelty. Clearly … Continue reading

Movie Catch-up: Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Grotesquely violent, sweary, nuts-and-bolts action flick Olympus Has Fallen, starring and produced by gruff Scottish lump “THIS IS BUTLER!” Gerard Butler (300, Law Abiding Citizen), makes uncomfortable viewing. Not for it’s graphic terrorist attack on Washington, bloody and uncompromising as it is; but for the dire poverty of script and ideas in this cynical money-making … Continue reading

How-to: Personal Impact

Originally posted as ‘Personal Impact‘ at Speaking Well In Public‬’s Facebook page. Personal Impact When you stand up to speak in public, the first impression the audience have of you is visual, and it will take them those first few seconds to make up their minds about you. Because any audience needs to trust you, … Continue reading

Movie Catch-up: Man of Steel (2013)

Despite an over-long, four-act structure, disjointed flashbacks and an over-reliance on vast swathes of CGI carnage, Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300) delivers a surprisingly super-heroic epic on a grand scale. Boy, do you get a lot of movie for your money. Choosing homage to Christopher Reeve’s Superman I and II over the DC Comics source material, … Continue reading

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