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How-to: Marketing the Brand ‘New You’ Part III

Originally posted as The Brand ‘New You’ at Speaking Well In Public. Actor, plumber, manager, scientist, athlete, nurse – whether you know it or like it or not, you and what you offer are a brand.You may be looking for your next employer, your next role or a higher grade, your next customer, interview or … Continue reading

Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

Five years on: the ‘vikings’ are still inexplicably Scottish, their kids remain, more inexplicably, irritating all-American teens; Jay Baruschel still sounds like Tom Hanks; but the dragons and the flying sequences are even more thrilling. Just as well, given some dodgy politics. At times terrifyingly dark, intense and scary, the kinetic theme-park ride can’t conceal … Continue reading

Review: Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Always watchable Tom Cruise fights another War of the Worlds in this rollicking, timey-wimey, CGI-laden Groundhog Troopers. Or should that be Starship Groundhogs? Or possibly Independence Groundhogs? Five years after meteorites crash land carrying an alien invasion force, cowardly PR slime-ball Will Cage (Cruise) is sent to the front-line as cannon-fodder and is killed almost … Continue reading

Movie Catch-up: Cloud Atlas (2012)

A talented ensemble cast swap wigs, prosthetics, race and even gender in multiple roles, but the question remains; is the sprawling, interlocking, portmanteau fantasy-drama a breath of fresh air or an epic failure? You can see why so many award-winners signed up for the challenge; there are some stunning performances; but no amount of makeup … Continue reading

Movie Catch-up: Escape to Victory (1981)

In our only concession to the Soccer World Cup, Michael Caine and Sly Stallone defy the Nazis in this throw-back WWII prisoner-of-war-with-soccer movie, aided by Pele, Booby Moore and a host of International soccer stars. Time to party like it’s 1966. Aside from the cliched plot and the flat script, the biggest question is can … Continue reading

Review: Postman Pat The Movie (2014)

Nieces. That’s my excuse for going to see this. So what’s the producers excuse for what they’ve done to a beloved childrens’ TV character? Why, when they make a feature length movie, do producers want to take the very thing they presumably paid a lot of money for the movie rights, then turn it into … Continue reading

Review: 47 Ronin (2013)

American-Japanese fantasy action with a comic-book sensibility, featuring mythical beasts, shape-shifting witches, shaolin-space-alien monks, a cave troll from LOTR; and Keanu Reeves as half-breed sword-slinger Kai doing a bit of super-powered Matrix-ing as a Samurai Messiah. Again. Look down the list on my movie site and you’ll see I love Eastern cinema; clearly so do … Continue reading

News – May 2014

Bye-Bye Browsers: Why Facebook’s New App Links Are a Big Deal (Mashsable) eBay makes users change passwords (BBC) YouTube Creators Can Now Add a 3-Second Intro to All Their Videos (Mashsable) Facebook brings autoplay ads to UK (BBC) Marketers Use Facebook Despite Believing It May Be Ineffective (Mashsable) Furore over ‘sexist’ opera critics  (BBC) Russia … Continue reading

Dementia Awareness Week: The Importance of Starting to Talk [Guest Post]

Originally posted at Research in Practice for Adults Blog. Lisa Smith, Research & Development Manager at Research in Practice for Adults, writes about the importance of starting to talk, for Dementia Awareness week. A personal viewpoint, Lisa shares the at-times confusing feelings provoked by our experience of Dementia. This week is Dementia Awareness week and the Alzheimer’s Society is … Continue reading

Opinion: Networking and Business – Does Twitter Really Matter?

Article first appeared at Speaking Well in Public, 14 May 2014 Networking and business – does Twitter really matter? Here’s the answer. In April 2014 the BBC’s adaptation of ‪Jamaica Inn‬ attracted complaints and criticism for its sound and mumbling issues. On 22/4 I tweeted ‘BBC had 100+ complaints about Jamaica Inn sound and dialogue. … Continue reading

Review: Lilly Allen – Sheezus

Lilly Allen’s latest mockney-cockney trilling is a profanity-drenched diatribe on the cynical, vacuous, money-grubbing nature of empty celebrity; delivered in a tone that makes her sound like a cynical, vacuous, money-grubbing, empty celebrity. By all means be provocative, even shocking; please, have something to say, come up with a bit of social commentary; but you’re … Continue reading

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