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Movie catch-up: Holes (2003)

A few years ago someone at Disney – yes, Disney – decided a kids version of Cool Hand Luke infused with The Goonies and a dash of Shawshank Redemption would make a decent movie. So they set it in the desert, hired Signourney Weaver (Paul, Abduction) do do one of her cold villains, alongside a … Continue reading

Movie catch-up: Cold Light of Day (2012)

An American family takes a vacation to Europe which descends into car chases and shoot-outs, owing to the father’s shady past as a US master spy, and his son has to come to terms with his parents’ double life. No its not 1985’s Target, with Gene Hackman and Matt Dillon; this time, dad Bruce Willis … Continue reading

Movie Catch-up: Fast Girls (2012)

All the fast cutting, fast talking, pounding sound-tracks and nods to the London Olympic dream can’t lift this curiously old-fashioned sports movie out of the mundane. Aside from the twist that it’s the women’s relay team that’s making the drama, there’s not enough budget or risk-taking to lift this innocuous TV-movie script beyond soapland and … Continue reading

Movies: Warlords at the Earths Core That Time Forgot

A quartet of British B-movies that rode the coat-tails of big budget Hollywood sci-fi and fantasy. A not-quite golden age of British retro-sci-fantasy cinema featuring a menagerie of rubber monsters, including Doug McClure… The Land that Time Forgot (1975) At the Earth’s Core (1976) The People that Time Forgot (1977) Warlords of Atlantis (1978) Guilty … Continue reading

Review: The Worlds End (2013)

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s third instalment of the pretentiously labelled Cornetto triology delivers yet another bizarre and slightly desperate genre mash-up. As top-notch British actors uncomfortably mix profanity, slick martial arts action, and big-effects sci-fi, one wonders what we could have had if the touching buddy-comedy-drama had been left to play it straight. There … Continue reading

Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

Five years on: the ‘vikings’ are still inexplicably Scottish, their kids remain, more inexplicably, irritating all-American teens; Jay Baruschel still sounds like Tom Hanks; but the dragons and the flying sequences are even more thrilling. Just as well, given some dodgy politics. At times terrifyingly dark, intense and scary, the kinetic theme-park ride can’t conceal … Continue reading

Review: Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Always watchable Tom Cruise fights another War of the Worlds in this rollicking, timey-wimey, CGI-laden Groundhog Troopers. Or should that be Starship Groundhogs? Or possibly Independence Groundhogs? Five years after meteorites crash land carrying an alien invasion force, cowardly PR slime-ball Will Cage (Cruise) is sent to the front-line as cannon-fodder and is killed almost … Continue reading

Movie Catch-up: Cloud Atlas (2012)

A talented ensemble cast swap wigs, prosthetics, race and even gender in multiple roles, but the question remains; is the sprawling, interlocking, portmanteau fantasy-drama a breath of fresh air or an epic failure? You can see why so many award-winners signed up for the challenge; there are some stunning performances; but no amount of makeup … Continue reading

Movie Catch-up: Escape to Victory (1981)

In our only concession to the Soccer World Cup, Michael Caine and Sly Stallone defy the Nazis in this throw-back WWII prisoner-of-war-with-soccer movie, aided by Pele, Booby Moore and a host of International soccer stars. Time to party like it’s 1966. Aside from the cliched plot and the flat script, the biggest question is can … Continue reading

Review: Postman Pat The Movie (2014)

Nieces. That’s my excuse for going to see this. So what’s the producers excuse for what they’ve done to a beloved childrens’ TV character? Why, when they make a feature length movie, do producers want to take the very thing they presumably paid a lot of money for the movie rights, then turn it into … Continue reading

Review: 47 Ronin (2013)

American-Japanese fantasy action with a comic-book sensibility, featuring mythical beasts, shape-shifting witches, shaolin-space-alien monks, a cave troll from LOTR; and Keanu Reeves as half-breed sword-slinger Kai doing a bit of super-powered Matrix-ing as a Samurai Messiah. Again. Look down the list on my movie site and you’ll see I love Eastern cinema; clearly so do … Continue reading

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