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Review: Lightbeam Addon for Mozilla Firefox

Lightbeam: see who’s tracking you online “Lightbeam is a Firefox add-on that uses interactive visualizations to show you the first and third party sites you interact with on the Web. As you browse, Lightbeam reveals the full depth of the Web today, including parts that are not transparent to the average user.” Mozilla’s free Lightbeam … Continue reading

News: XP eXPires

While Microsoft has extended the end-of-life deadline Windows XP several times under consumer pressure, not least from Enterprise customers, we have reached that line in the sand. The party’s over. Officially, Windows XP is now dead, but it’s not gone. Choose your stats carefuly; conservatively, between 20 and 27% of computers connected to the Internet … Continue reading

How-to: Get More Facebook Fans [Guest Post]

Post originally appeared at, Blog On Social Media Promotion, sent to us by Pep. Recently, Facebook released a fresh tool for Facebook web pages called “Tell your Supporters” that allows web page administrators to import e-mail contacts, determine which e-mail contacts aren’t currently “Liking” their fan page, and information these contacts having an invitation. This … Continue reading

How-to: The 5 Forms of Facebook Followers and How to Keep Them [Guest Post]

Post originally appeared at, Blog On Social Media Promotion, sent to us by Pep. One of the things that’s kept me personally busy within my community management times has been wanting to user profile the various forms of Facebook fans. Even though fans are each exclusive (since they’re all different people), many of their behaviors … Continue reading

How-to: Raise Facebook Fans Participation on your Own Page [Guest Post]

 5 Ways it is Possible to Increase User Involvement Post originally appeared at, Blog On Social Media Promotion, sent to us by Pep. Getting loyal Facebook enthusiasts is quite difficult and frustrating. It’s all about maintaining your web page engaging, by way of posting interesting content material and, significantly, getting those fans to participate … Continue reading

How-to: Optimising animated GIFs using GIMP

Previously, I ran through preparing an animated GIF for use as a web banner ad. What I neglected to mention was the part of the brief that restricted the file size. While animated GIFs for banner ads come in standard size, trying to get these images all under a certain file size can involve a … Continue reading

How-to: Get More Facebook Fans [Guest Post]

Post originally appeared at, Blog On Social Media Promotion, sent to us by Pep. This week’s theme is getting more followers on your social media pages. We’ll kick off with some tips for increasing your Facebook lover count. Should I buy fans? NO! Not only is this extremely poor practice it’s also likely to get … Continue reading

How-to: Animated GIFs using GIMP

I was asked to produce a couple of banner ads for cross-site promotion recently. What does that mean? Good old animated GIFs. Since the Open Source GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is my graphics program of choice, I went straight to its facility for producing animated GIFs; simple layered graphics that can cycle through a … Continue reading

How-to: Fix Windows 8.1 Upgrades

Microsoft recently released Windows 8.1, the upgrade to Windows 8 that added features and addressed some of the user’s pet hates (no, that didn’t include the Fischer-Price ‘Metro’/Modern-UI non-desktop). Depending on how important you consider boot to desktop, SkyDrive (OneDrive) integration, and an updated UI, with dynamic Snap for multiple apps and sharing the desktop … Continue reading

How-to: Fix Untrusted Connections in Firefox

With so much of our daily lives now conducted via the internet, from paying bills to accessing medical services, online banking and shopping, if you can’t trust your browser to take you to the right site, what do you do? And what do you do when it is the right site but the browser thinks otherwise? … Continue reading

How-to: Choose a CMS, Part One

I was recently sent a query about whether to use WordPress or Drupal. It was from a non-technical person in the voluntary sector, so there was no point writing a technical article. I couldn’t assume anything about their level of technical knowledge. I did throw in Joomla as well, as it’s another website tool that … Continue reading

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