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The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016)

The Huntsman: Winters war - movie posterThis prequel/sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman smacks of cynical profiteering; visually stunning design it’s poorly served by a script that is Snow White’s not-so-Greatest hits with leftover bits of Narnia and assorted Hobbitses.

Clichéd, formulaic and derivative, this bargain-bin script is left without a Snow White and can only afford four fairly redundant dwarfs. Continue reading

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Review: Dad’s Army

Dad's Army movie posterThis won’t mean much to the rest of the world, but to Brits bought up on the 70’s sit-com of the Home Guard defending Britain against the Nazis, this is a surprising gold reboot; mischevous, whimisical and true to its source, Jones, Nighy and Gambon pull off an unlikely comedy hit.

So who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler? Continue reading


Review – Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Star Wars: the Force Awakens movie posterI just spent two hours watching J.J. Abrams playing Star Wars Greatest Hits – The Video Game, while Disney try to sell me shedloads of merchandise. Riding a wave of childhood nostalgia is all very well, but this is strictly by-the-numbers, Star Wars IV: A New Hope, replay-by replay. It’s like watching a rock band re-union retirement tour – and a tribute band at that.

A disappointing Kasdan screenplay has been hacked about by committee to a point where nothing actually fits together and the whole plot is a muddled re-hash of bits we’ve seen before. There are some beautiful CGI landscapes, the space-going Battles of Medway with X-wings and TIE-fighters are frenetic, the prospects of new Jedi and light-sabre duels thrilling, but poorly carried out. Continue reading


Review: Spectre (2015)

Spectre movie posterIn what looks like Daniel Craig’s swan-song, the Bond team reunite in an all-too familiar, albeit stylishly executed, rummage through the toy box. The lame plotting links the other three Craig outings, while our gritty blonde Bond-shell does what he does in exotic locations, with a variety of transport and weapons, two Bond girls and a supporting cast who nod and wink their way through International espionage like an end-of-Summer-season variety show. Spectre is an uneasy throwback to classic Bond nonsense. Continue reading


Humour: There is no Cloud…

Image - Humour: There is no Cloud

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