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Review: A Town Called Eureka Season one (2006)

Review: A Town Called Eureka Season one (2006)I missed Syfy Channel’s quirky TV sci-fi comedy drama the first time out, only to discover in the re-runs that is is more fi- than sci-, more wan-smile than comic and too predictable for drama. Which leaves it trading on quirky, and that just ain’t enough.

Billed as a sort of X-Files-lite (even liter than it’s TV cousin, the dismal Warehouse 13), Eureka‘s premise sees a US Marshall transferred to be sheriff of a North-West American small (i.e. Vancouver) town that covers a top-secret government research facility, Global Dynamics.

As such Eureka is flat-pack sci-fi geekery, an anything-goes episodic fanstasy show with a fish-out-of-water detective surrounded by scientists and hokey Weird Science tropes, all punctuated with a sub-Danny Elfman Desperate Housewives score. Continue reading

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Review: Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl movie posterThe superior thriller of 2014, Gone Girl is a dark, twisty, psychological study of the worst seven-year itch imaginable. Abduction, sex, murder and revenge; trial-by-media and satire on America’s dark heart, this one has it all.

Gone Girl will have you on the edge of your seat for the first hour, until the biggest plot turn of the decade hits you for six; then it’s a tense white-water ride into a twisting canyon in which every scene threatens disaster for the lead characters.

Add career-defining performances from Ben Affleck (Armageddon, The Town) and Rosamund Pike (Jack Reacher, The World’s End) to a script that is impossible to second guess, and Gone Girl is a genuine must-see. Continue reading


Review: Mr Turner (2014)

Mr. Turner movie posterDie-hard socialist director Mike Leigh returns to Victoriana with this handsome and unconventional biopic of seascape painter J.M.W. Turner; don’t be fooled by the top hats and posh frocks, the old leftie uses his artistic Man of the People to attack the establishment as always…

Focusing on the latter part of Turner’s life, Tim Spall is a monumental, shuffling, shambling, porcine gargoyle, who expresses more in his many grunts than most actors can speak in a lifetime of dialogue. Warm, touching, tragic, and highly comic, Leigh’s collected tableaux of Turner’s life is the movie highlight of 2014. Continue reading


Review: Paddington (2014)

Paddington movie posterProducer David Hayman’s adaptation of Michael Bond’s children’s book may be more Harry Potter than anything else, but that doesn’t matter. Hayman’s oddly retro-anachronistic take on the bear from darkest Peru is a joy, a delight, a treasure.

Ben Wishaw (Skyfall, Cloud Atlas) voices the innocent-abroad, Paddington, not only remade as a slapstick hero after Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton, but possibly the most polite movie hero in screen history. Everyone will want to look after this bear. Continue reading


Humour: Holiday Extras – Alcatraz

Holiday Extras - Alcatraz Prison
Slightly unsettled to find this image of Alcatraz featured in a search under Holiday Extras. Wondered if this the opposite of ‘glamping’? Then I saw the name of the photographer… RC

Image credit: Alcatraz by Alexander C. Kafka under Creative Commons license.

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