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AA Routefinder Fail…

..not because the route given doesn’t work (although having lost it in the dark, that’s a fail), but because the route given was insanely complex compared to the direct one I found by navigating using ‘the force.’

Find the AA Routefinder on the main Automobile Association UK site, but also get a map and check the results before you drive…

I don’t have a Sat-Nav. I don’t trust them and I hate being nagged in-car from the dash-board. So I’ve been using the AA Route-finder for years.

Clearly it is trying to plot the shortest link from point-to-point. Sadly this doesn’t account for time, distance or simplicity.

I have no axe to grind. The AA Routefinder is free and I worked for the AA as a freelance for some time, so I’ve stood by it for years.

This time the route to Thames Mead, East London, finished with a mind-boggling combination of roundabouts and interchanges and junctions (some of which aren’t sign-posted until after you take them!!).

My route held with the motorway for two more junctions, then used one A-road and one B-road to journey’s end. All you have to do is follow the two road numbers straight through.

If you consider the AA’s routefinder to be an expert system, then I’m an autistic savant.  RC

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One thought on “AA Routefinder Fail…

  1. You might be obtaining a print away from your journey from AA Route Planner it robs you of all of your ink within the colored bar signs and so on :( is there another planner with the very same quality but just the fundamental specifics in text.

    Posted by Monier | May 16, 2012, 12:17 pm

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