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The Critical Incident, Brighton, UK: Saturday 18th June

If you’d like to take a step back from your life and/or work and spend a day refreshing your thinking, feeling and action, the join us for The Critical Incident Brighton, Sussex, England, on Saturday 18th June.
Now in it’s seventh year, this wonderful event takes place at the Phoenix Gallery and Caffe Moksha.
There are over 20 workshops, discussions, talks, performances and experiments in creativity, artistry and change.

Book here:
If you are a performer, a leader, an actor, a manager, a writer, a teacher, an artist, a creative mover and shaker, or simply an individual looking for a breath of fresh air thinking and inspiration, then Critical Incident is worth spending a day on creative retreat in the heart of the city of Brighton & Hove.
A few highlights…
– workshops for performers on character and new approaches to auditioning
– a session on getting on top of mobile technology and staying awake in the world of social media
– sessions on emotional freedom, connecting your voice and even moving on from your exes and places associated with bad memories!
– a theatre performance of the acclaimed “Text”
– a debate about getting resources and funding for our creative ideas
– a session on freeing your body and connecting authentically
– discussion and debate on originality, and snapping out of recession doom
– a look at business and creative arrogance
– live virtual improvisation sessions
– drop-in action learning
– live poetry of connection
and much more.
The overall theme we are exploring this year is: connection.
The full programme of this year’s Critical Incident is here.
where you can also browse each activity.
You can book for the whole event or turn up on the day for specific activities, or drop in and out. It runs on Saturday 18th June  from 8.30am until midnight!
Secure online booking is available. An access-all-areas pass is only £20 with £15 concessions.
Book here:
We hope to see you at The Critical Incident 2011.


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