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Review: Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Lady Gaga Born this Way Album coverI have fallen prey to Gaga-dom and bought the next album. I didn’t like Born This Way as a single, but Judas and The Edge of Glory were good enough songs, and, anyway, it’s Gaga.

To be honest, this album’s a disappointment. It’s nowhere near the quality of her first, and with her ground-breaking early success, she set the bar high. Born this Way has brought her down to the general standard, with a couple of good hits and the rest forgettable. The album flows more than The Fame, but it’s all too eighties for me, with more shock of the old than the new. The unsavoury mix of pop-video Facism and blasphemous references to Christianity is sure to cause enough sensationalist publicity to increase sales, although her chameleonic image is enough for that. It will be interesting to see what sort of pop iconoclasm she will produce next. VP

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4 thoughts on “Review: Lady Gaga – Born This Way

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    Posted by R. Snewoupiec | May 2, 2012, 3:20 am
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