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Photography: Feliz Paloma Gonzalez

Emily - Feliz Paloma Gonzales“Feliz Paloma Gonzalez is a pseudonym I use, because not everyone has an open mind. I have had to accept that and make compromises accordingly. Feliz Paloma is the name I would have been given had I been female, so the story goes.”

Another random photography find, Feliz Paloma Gonzalez shoots mostly female nudes.

So once agaiBeach - Feliz Paloma Gonzalesn, this website features photographs of nude women, so don’t go if that’s not for you. However if you share FPG’s love of the form, masterfully shot in various techniques and styles, look over the extensive galleries.
FGP is equaBeach - Feliz Paloma Gonzaleslly eloquent in text as in images, so I shall post extracts of his manifesto in his own words:

“My goal is to produce beautiful and intriguing images of the nude woman. I prefer to work spontaneously and creatively in the moment, without too much preconceived idea/concept. This takes some trust, by both the model and myself.”

“I usually work in TRADE: a collaborative exchange of talent, time, energy, equipment, etc. For me, the introduction of money changes the dynamic in subtle but real ways, and affects the quality of the images. I support people making money from their efforts, but for this work I try to avoid it. I have a separate profession I make my living from.”

Rock - Feliz Paloma Gonzalez“Women sometimes worry that they are not beautiful enough, or that they’re bodies are not perfect. No one is perfect, but everyone can shine, in my opinion, and it’s my job to capture and celebrate that shining ;-)”

LastShot by feliz Paloma Gonzalez“At the end of every shoot I try to take an image with my model. Sometimes they get a little silly ;-) And sometimes I forget ;-/”

Take a look at the slide-show of some of the Last Shots (bottom of the model’s page; there’s a warm feeling of joy running right through them. RC

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2 thoughts on “Photography: Feliz Paloma Gonzalez

  1. I have been exploring for a bit for high quality posts in this kind of area. Nothing too arty or technical. Nice

    Posted by Queen Untied | Apr 23, 2012, 8:06 am
  2. Gratitude for building this post!

    Posted by Borth | May 10, 2012, 3:10 pm

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