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Photography: 70 Degrees West

70 Degrees West - Fisherman for Life by Justin Lewis“Spanning from pole to pole, 70 Degrees West is a photo-documentary project that uses this line to illustrate the impact our modern world has on seven unique regions and the people who depend upon the stability of these fragile environments.”

70 Degrees West is more than a photography blog, as it is the travelogue of a journey along the 70-degree West longitude, as experienced by photographer Justin Lewis and writer Michelle Stauffer; through photography and written narratives, the project documents the habitats, cultures, diversity and richness of life along the longitude line.

70 Degrees West - Keep Your Heart Strong by Justin LewisHere, 70-degrees West is more than a man-made line on the map, it represents a collection of vulnerable habitats and cultures from ice sheets to Amazonian forests. Lewis and Stauffer have set about expanding global awareness of the cultures and environments by journeying into the heart of these communities under threat from changing climate and global economic forces.

Michelle Stauffer has turned from graduate science and professional ballet to author, campaigning on women’s health, becoming and  women’s rights issues. 70 Degrees West - Ice by Justin LewisJustin Lewis is an experienced commercial photographer and graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography. Having visited forty-five countries already, Justin uses photography to promote exploration and conservation.

You can find impressive images and accompanying narrative at 70 Degrees West, not only in the landscapes but the intimate human portraits, easily up to the standard of established titles such as National Geographic and Time. I’ve picked out some of Justin’s stunning landscapes here, just for the drama, but the portraiture is equally good.70 Degrees West - The First of Many Adventures by Justin Lewis

We wish them well in the remainder of their journey. RC

All locations fall along the 70-degrees West Longitude line:

  • Qaanaaq – Greenland
  • Pangnirtung – Baffin Island
  • Bonaire – Caribbean
  • Leticia – Brazilian Amazon
  • Lake Titicaca – Peru70 Degrees West - Yosemite by Justin Lewis
  • Pascua River – Patagonia
  • Antarctica

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3 thoughts on “Photography: 70 Degrees West

  1. Beautiful photography! I wish them well in their journey.

    Posted by Jennifer Triplett | May 4, 2012, 3:56 am
  2. Epic journey. All best hopes to them.

    Posted by Prader | Jun 11, 2012, 1:11 pm
  3. thanks for sharing the post.

    Posted by Carol Fanger | Jul 9, 2012, 11:29 pm

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