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Photography: Daniel Leininger – Urban

Daniel Leininger - St Louis“There once was somebody who told me the world was ugly and had no beauty. I am here to prove them wrong. I am here to attempt to catch a glimpse of the worlds beauty in a measly photo. Instead of driving, take a walk outside, and even you will see that the world is truly beautiful.”

Like all the best finds, I came across Daniel Leininger’s photostream on Flickr by chance whilst researching for another website.

Daniel is a trained photographer, based in and around Edwardsville, Illinois and St Louis, Missouri, US, who now appears largely to work on the usual weddings and engagements circuit; and some delightful couple and events has he shot, as you can find in his Flickr stream. However, there are some gems tucked away in the other sets in that stream; Families, Seniors (by which he means class-mates, some stunning portraits in themselves), Other Portraits and the one I particularly like, a set entitled Urban.

Daniel Leininger - St LouisThe 21 photos in the Urban set all date between October 2008 and October 2009 and are stunning examples of what photos do best; capturing a moment.

With and without people, these ‘urban’ shots are not all landscapes, some are little experiments – the shots of dyes in liquid –  and still life (Dragons).

Daniel Leininger - St LouisThe landscape shots work well for composition and light, both day and night. There are inhabited landscapes in quiet moments and derelict landscapes in states of decay.

Contrast these with the grand panoramas of human progress in bright electric light.

Daniel Leininger - St LouisIt’s an inspired collection, worth a view. RC

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2 thoughts on “Photography: Daniel Leininger – Urban

  1. I came to your “Photography: Daniel Leininger – Urban Everything Express” page via Google; great find. :) Take care.

    Posted by Ella Cure | Aug 19, 2012, 1:04 am
  2. This is really a extremely excellent read for me, thanks.

    Posted by Denzin | Oct 15, 2012, 10:42 pm

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