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Opinion: Discovery as a Painful Process in Windows 8

Windows 8 Mail settingsGlad we sorted out how to synchronise Hotmail with my Windows 8 machine using the Mail app. Or rather, it sorted out itself.

I have two issues, though.

First: Modern-UI is no more intuitive than any other computer interface, you have to go through that process of discovery.  I suspect smart-phone users will have an advantage from a couple of years of poke-and-swipe around the screen. Non-technophiles and existing Windows users are going to be confused as hell with this change.

I’m sure there will be some interesting studies into the psychology of the switch from Windows Conventional to Modern-UI. That isn’t to say that one is innately better or more efficient than the other, just different.

I have to say I don’t think Microsoft is handling the switch from legacy interfaces all that well.

Microsoft Forum Answers Second, and more pertinent to mail; I have no idea why the sync button refused to sync anything for two days. I had been scrambling around the UI, settings and the MS-Answers forum (an excellent resource, btw, if you can home in on your specific issue) thinking I was doing something dumb. I wasn’t.

I have a feeling a lot of users are going to get this sinking feeling of nagging self-doubt and incompetence.

Lo! Mail suddenly decided to sync. Something I had done? Something in Hotmail? My ISP’s? Who knows. It is now working. My self-esteem, however, it not. AJS

About Allan J. Smithie

Allan J. Smithie is a journalist and commentator based in Dubai.

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