Opinion: Employability – I Can’t, I Don’t

Whiteboards by Thomas EverchildOriginally posted on Pippa’s Speaking Well in Public page at Facebook.

Employability. There is a difference between “I can’t ..” and “I don’t ..”

“I can’t fly – never will.”

I don’t speak Icelandic – but I might in future.

Speaking Icelandic is a potential for my future. I have all the requirements needed to learn it.

So many clients I’ve coached for employability say “I can’t …” as if there’s an end to it.

Three years ago I “couldn’t” teach leadership and employability skills, manage and develop my own website, use social media to develop and market my own brand to the world, or write articles on a wide variety of subjects. Or rather I didn’t. I do now, because I add what I now know to what I already knew, then went ahead and did it.

We are the sum total of all our experiences, plus our potential for the future. So if you are looking to reinvent your personal brand, consider yourself as the sum total of all your experiences, plus the vast resources of your potential when seeking the next phase of your working life. PH

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Image credit: Whiteboards by Thomas Everchild

About Philippa Hammond

Speaking Well In Public offers a portfolio of public speaking courses for business, performance and social occasions designed and developed by Philippa Hammond, combining her skills and techniques as an award-winning trainer, working actor and voice artist. Philippa is a member of Equity and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.


One thought on “Opinion: Employability – I Can’t, I Don’t

  1. fascinating article.

    Posted by wil merngo | May 14, 2013, 1:09 am

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