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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tabletSamsung Galaxy Note 8.0 $380

A thin, light tablet that looks like a stretched out Galaxy S4 with a 1280×800, 8.0-inch screen that is good for a TFT, but not even close to a Nexus 7. Which makes $380 a hefty price tag for a device that’s so very 1998: calling all  stylus-lovers, you too can tap away with a stylus like some ancient Greek scratching away on clay…

But if you can cope with, or ignore the stylus, the attraction of the Note 8.0 is Multi-Window. Gosh! It almost dragged me away from DesqView X. Fancy that: having two apps open side by side. Just imagine, a Web browser on the left and a notes app on the right.

Seriously, we should begin to see more of this as processors and screen resolutions increase, and well done Samsung for getting the ball rolling. Of course it helps that the Note has a 1.6 GHz Exynos 4412 quad-core processor and 2 GB memory with 16GB storage, which makes the web browser fast even if the display frame-rate isn’t very special. I’m just not sure my eyesight can cope with  side by side apps on a tablet of this size and resolution.

The Note 8.0 comes with Polaris Office providing compatibility with Microsoft Office documents like Word. It also has an IR blaster for remote controlling the TV. Frequencies not guaranteed. The wifi works well enough but with the 4G model getting expensive, it’s difficult to think of it as a value-for-money proposition. AJS

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