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How-to: Raise Facebook Fans Participation on your Own Page [Guest Post]

Five Ways to Increase Facebook participation 5 Ways it is Possible to Increase User Involvement

Post originally appeared at, Blog On Social Media Promotion, sent to us by Pep.

Getting loyal Facebook enthusiasts is quite difficult and frustrating. It’s all about maintaining your web page engaging, by way of posting interesting content material and, significantly, getting those fans to participate regularly.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through the status update. There are many ways to utilize this feature therefore let’s have a look at 5 methods for you to boost your page participation price.

  1. Posting a straightforward, but fan-orientated, standing is a good place to begin. What we mean by that is to request advice, personal stories, opinion or just funny anecdotes. For example, you could post a status saying “Lovely sunshine outside right now makes me think of picnics I used to have as a kid, what’s your favourite sunny memory?” or “I want a fresh logo for my site and blog page, does anyone have worthwhile ideas?” These will surely bring fast responses as your fans like to feel connected to you.
  2. Don’t end up being obsessed with flooding your fans wall space with constant advertisements; would you appreciate that? No, which means that your followers won’t either. Make your regular posts even more interesting by posting topics that not only touch upon your company and industry but about the community as a whole also. An illustration might be a Cake Firm publishing about birthdays – “How are you considering celebrating your birthday this year?” and includes a video of someone eating a huge birthday cake without needing their hands. That is funny; a talking stage which has articles in it relating to the goal of the web page. Once in a while, share something completely random and unrelated. I have seen a few brave pages do this. When someone scans straight down their Facebook homepage and sees an interesting post, they will check who posted it – if they are surprised it was by you they are more likely to look out for future posts.
  3. Another thing to remember is sharing! It is the key to help keep existing fans but additionally attract new ones. Design beautiful content material for your page – tabs, polls, ratings, videos, photos, etc. – to call your fans to the page, but then you need to get them to share whatever it really is you’ve created. Probably the most elementary methods to do that is a competition of some kind, or perhaps a discount coupon if you’re selling on line. Place an advert on your own page and enhance the offer in the explanation “Talk about this and receive 10% off the next purchase” or something similar. People will like it as everyone loves free stuff. This will get them sharing it on their wall or in e-mails (this is up to you to decide) and thus will bring more of their friends to your page as they will want the freebie too.
  4. Connected to this is another way to get people to sign up and share/participate in discussions with you. Just put up a nice, keyword, incentive laced photograph depicting a core service or product you provide and put in a competition or incentive to underneath, i.e. Like us on Facebook and enter for your chance to win a new meals mixer” (or something similar) This will bring many people to your page and if you continue to implement these strategies you will keep your bounty of new found fans as well as the original ones.
  5. One last suggestion to remember always; Facebook Pages aren’t there for the marketing only, but for the enthusiasts to understand what’s new together with your company, feel connected and to enjoy. Make sure you keep your fans always in mind. Pep

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3 thoughts on “How-to: Raise Facebook Fans Participation on your Own Page [Guest Post]

  1. Hi mates, how is the whole thing? Cool post.

    Posted by JJ Ceyom | Mar 27, 2014, 9:22 am
  2. Great article.

    Posted by Nate O'Loghlen | Apr 17, 2014, 9:01 pm


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