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How-to: Get More Facebook Fans [Guest Post]

Post originally appeared at Socialeum.comBlog On Social Media Promotion, sent to us by Pep.

Recently, Facebook released a fresh tool for Facebook web pages called “Tell your Supporters” that allows web page administrators to import e-mail contacts, determine which e-mail contacts aren’t currently “Liking” their fan page, and information these contacts having an invitation.

This new tool can be an attempt to give a simple and targeted solution to increase fan bases (a win-win for both Facebook and page managers). In this article, I’ll review how brand names can use this tool, and cover some of the pros and cons of this tool from my initial experience testing it.

Stage 1: Locate “Tell Your Fans”
Under your page admin dashboard, locate “Advertising”, and then select “Tell your supporters”. This feature seems to have released to all or any fan pages, without respect to the real number of fans.

Stage 2: Upload a Contact File
For manufacturers, the easiest method to import contacts is through the first option to “Upload a Contact File”. Click on the “How to create a contact file”, and you will be offered specific instructions for the specific email service. Following these directions will painless make the procedure, because the document will undoubtedly be correctly formatted for the tool. After you have exported your contact listing, upload it back into this tool simply.

Stage 3: Select Contacts
As soon as you’ve imported, you’ll receive a listing of the contacts that are not currently supporters of one’s page, including those that aren’t fans since they furthermore aren’t on Facebook. The choice is got by you of hand choosing, or selecting all which are suggested.

Stage 4: Send Invitation
At this point, you will receive a preview of the invitation before sending to contacts. Those who are already on Facebook will be offered the page within “Recommended pages”. If they aren’t on Facebook, they shall receive a contact with an invitation from your own brand inviting them to become listed on Facebook, and then they are able to join the page once they have joined.

Really, there is only one obvious “pro”. This is an easy and cheap way to grow your fan base.

Contact Duplication: true to life, people have multiple e-mail addresses. The e-mail address you possess in your database might not be the same e-mail your contact submitted in registering for Facebook, therefore the device could send a note to one of one’s most dedicated fans with the message that they should first join Facebook, and then join your page. This has the potential of ruining strong associations with your current fan base, and is my major hang up with this particular utility.

Timeliness/Dependability. I delivered invitations to those that I work with each morning and hours afterwards they nevertheless haven’t seen a contact notification from Facebook. This either indicates the notification can easily get blocked by standard spam blockers, or the tool isn’t reliable (a consistent problem with most Facebook tools).

Lack of Customization: In social media, a form filled message just seems impersonal.

If this tool is to take off – it certainly needs to provide page managers having the ability to tailor the information towards their supporters. Pep

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One thought on “How-to: Get More Facebook Fans [Guest Post]

  1. Want to increase Facebook fans? It is not difficult, in fact it is really easy when you know how

    Posted by Oh Jyn B Frequent | Apr 10, 2014, 1:40 am

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