How-to: Ten ways trainers and speakers go wrong

LecternPost originally appeared as Ten ways trainers and speakers go wrong at Speaking Well In Public‘s Facebook page.

How-to, or in this case, how-not-to: ten ways trainers and speakers go wrong…

  1. Starting by apologising and highlighting their own faults
  2. Fixating on tiny fluffs, while ignoring or denying they do things they could improve on
  3. Not making eye contact with the audience; looking at the floor, over their heads, talking to the flipchart, the powerpoint, their notes…
  4. Talking too fast without pauses
  5. Talking in a monotone
  6. Panic breathing from the chest, producing a squeaky little voice
  7. Twisting hands, hiding hands, flapping hands about
  8. Pacing about or always speaking sitting down
  9. Not listening to questions
  10. Going on too long


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About Philippa Hammond

Speaking Well In Public offers a portfolio of public speaking courses for business, performance and social occasions designed and developed by Philippa Hammond, combining her skills and techniques as an award-winning trainer, working actor and voice artist. Philippa is a member of Equity and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.



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