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Speaking Well In Public offers a portfolio of public speaking courses for business, performance and social occasions designed and developed by Philippa Hammond, combining her skills and techniques as an award-winning trainer, working actor and voice artist. Philippa is a member of Equity and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
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How-to: The Professional Voice

Article originally appeared on the Speaking Well in Public Facebook page, February 2015 Five key tips for success. How you sound affects how your message is received. Taking control of the way you speak will help you to capture and keep attention and deliver that message with ease.

How-to: Where’s Your Voice?

Article originally appeared on the Speaking Well in Public Facebook page, March 2015 Your natural voice quality plus the way you use your voice can affect your audience’s response to your message – and to you. Imagine a cross section through the world, from the clouds right down to the sea bed. Where does your … Continue reading

How-to: Stress ABC – breaking the cycle

Article originally appeared on the Speaking Well in Public Facebook page, April 2015 Our reactions to stressful situations tend to happen in a repeating cycle of habits: A – An Activating event happens B – This triggers your Beliefs about it C – The Consequence is your physical response; how you feel about what you’re … Continue reading

How-to: Speaking well in public

Article originally appeared on the Speaking Well in Public Facebook page, August 2015 Speaking well in public is a vital business and social skill, so it’s important to be aware of the impact you have when you speak. Here are three voice habits to beware and avoid when you’re speaking in public, to your colleagues, … Continue reading

How-to: The redundancy survival kit

Article originally appeared on the Speaking Well in Public Facebook page, July 2015 Redundancy – getting laid off – is now a fact of life, whereas a few years ago, in many sectors, it just didn’t happen. Now it does, and if you aren’t ready when the unthinkable happens, you may go under. Even if … Continue reading

How-to: Ring In the New

Part of an occasional series of articles for the aspiring and new manager. No matter how high their grade or how well they’re paid – new staff will always need managers’ support, guidance and facilitation into their new organisation, team and role. Here are five top tips to help you get it right.

How-to: Speaking with Style

I recently watched a series of presentations and was struck by the variety of the speakers’ personal styles. First the leader, chatty, warm and amusing, talking big themes with gentle assurance and a deceptive simplicity. Next, the expert, reading out a formal scholarly paper with laptop and lectern, with entertaining TV clips in memorable contrast.

How-to: Conference Confidence

High stakes event coming up? Conference makers and breakers coming up next … Do your sound/PowerPoint check before they come in. ‘Is this thing on?’ isn’t a question for the audience.

How-to: ‘brainfriendly’ tips for successful learning and development events

Article originally appeared on social media; Philippa Hammond ‏@TalkingSpeaking, Jul 17, 2015 Learning and Development events: go to many? Deliver many? Find that many disappear into a black hole when they’re over? Think ‘learning’ not ‘training’ – learning we do for ourselves.

How-to: Breeze Skype Interviews

Article originally appeared on social media,  Philippa Hammond ‏@TalkingSpeaking, June 2015 Skype interviews – top tips coming up… Skype interviews with video: they can see you… dress for business, remove everything from the background. keep your hands still and resist the urge to fidget. Sudden rapid movements distract attention from your message.

How-to: Ten tips for effective communications

Article originally appeared in social media, Philippa Hammond, ‏@TalkingSpeaking, June 2015 Communications strengthen relationships and productivity are in the top three employability skills. Ten tips for effective communications coming up: Tone of voice = the personality of the organisation or writer should come through House style = the organisation’s dress code Grammar = final touches, … Continue reading

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