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Review: The White Queen – Philippa Gregory

Philippa Gregory likes to explore how powerful women work their magic in the hypocritical world of the court. For The White Queen she selects a woman who is rarely studied but who lived an extraordinary life: Elizabeth Woodville, the mother of the Princes in the Tower. Edward of York (Edward IV) has usurped the throne … Continue reading

Review: The Queen’s Fool – Philippa Gregory

Hannah Verde is a Spanish refugee, with an unusual gift: the power of the Sight. Her mother was burned at the stake for being a Jew, and Hannah and her father have escaped to England, seeking sanctuary by posing as Christians. Working as printers, they encounter customers of a high social class, including Robert Dudley … Continue reading

Review: The Apple – Michel Faber

The Apple is Michel Faber’s follow up to The Crimson Petal and the White, a collection of short stories which, as an addition to his tour de force, is disappointing. Faber assures us that these stories can be standalone or read as supplementary to Crimson Petal. In reality, they will only mean anything to readers … Continue reading

Review: The Somnambulist – Essie Fox

Some say Millais’ painting The Somnambulist represents Wilkie Collins’ 1860 hit The Woman in White. Others think it was painted to celebrate a famous opera called La Sonnambula. Whatever its origins, its Gothic aura is key to the plot and tone of Essie Fox’s novel, which revolves around themes of death, despair, madness and the … Continue reading

Review: Pink Roman Holiday Reloaded – Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s persona is a hotch-potch version of Gaga’s arty image. The schizophrenic, clash-coloured randomness of her wardrobe and hair styles is musically recreated in her latest album Pink: Roman Holiday. The album’s strikingly discordant range of songs makes you feel as if you’re listening to a chronological personality shift. The opening song, Roman Holiday, … Continue reading

Review: Sherlock Season 2 DVD

The best show on DVD? It’s an easy deduction to make. Sherlock is that rare programme – a modern adaptation that works. For series two, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat team up to produce another round of intelligent, witty scripts. In the first series Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were given suicides, international smuggling and … Continue reading

Review: Teeline Gold

Is your writing pad mightier than your iPad? Your pen faster than your keys? Perhaps for speedy note taking in hostile terrain, the old-fashioned approach might just work for you: shorthand lives on. If you’re new to shorthand, this is the book for you. With plenty of dictation practice, Teeline Gold takes the novice through … Continue reading

Review: The Woman in Black – Susan Hill

You may have been disappointed by the film, but Susan Hill’s riveting novella is a Christmas story to rival Dickens, and it’s as scary as they come. The Kipps family are celebrating Christmas by telling ghost stories around the fire, when their solicitor father, Arthur, plucks up courage to share an otherworldly encounter which he … Continue reading

Review: The Awakening (2012)

Owing to the high mortality of the First World War, Britain was overrun with spiritualist charlatans preying on mourners desperate to make contact with the dead. In Nick Murphy’s thrilling ghost story, Rebecca Hall plays Florence Cathcart, a ghost hunter, alias fraud hunter, who makes a living exposing fake séances. Florence is mourning her dead … Continue reading

Review: My Last Duchess – Daisy Goodwin

Cora Cash is an American Emma Woodhouse of the fin de siècle. Clever, spirited and rich, she is used to having her way and, despite her experience as a celebrity heiress, in matters of the human heart she is utterly naïve. When her husband-to-be, the Duke of Wareham, chivalrously saves her after a fall from … Continue reading

Review: The Weekend – Bernhard Schlink

Schlink is fascinated by criminal responsibility. The Weekend addresses the question at the heart of The Reader – can homicide ever be pardonable? Family and friends have gathered to celebrate the release of pardoned terrorist Jörg. Jörg killed innocent people in the name of the Red Army Faction terrorist group, and has served twenty-four years … Continue reading

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