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Review: Phoenix Foundation – Fandango

The unusual fifth album from psychedelic indie-folk-prog-rock New Zealanders consists of a double album of 2 cd’s or vinyl; two short volumes that add up to that rare thing these days; a Concept Album. Fandango surrounds you with it’s dreamy, ambient quality, a rich layered sound, swinging between Pat Metheny harmonies and Ray Davies witty … Continue reading

Review: Junip – Junip

You know how music goes around in waves, as record labels and radio stations jump on a sound and play a bunch of me-too bands? I think we’re in one of those waves now. I thought I’d made a mistake with Junip – Line of Fire began like a Two Door Cinema Club track. Vaguely … Continue reading

Review: Depeche Mode – Delta Machine

The band that bought us Personal Jesus and Enjoy the Silence back with a new album to celebrate thirty years in music. Recently asked on a chat show what their songs are about, Gore and Gahan replied “death, pain and suffering.” It’s been a winning formula and Depeche Mode see no reason to change now. … Continue reading

What’s the opposite of a one-hit wonder? [Guest Post]

Guest Post from training provider Educare, originally at: What’s the opposite of a one-hit wonder? Who remembers Partners in Kryme’s 1990 single ‘Turtle Power’? What about Phyllis Nelson’s ‘Move Closer’ or Doop’s eponymous 1994 release ‘Doop’? No, us neither. That’s because Phyllis, Doop and Partners in Kryme are all one-hit wonders from the 80’s and … Continue reading

Review: Dido – Girl Who Got Away

The Queen of Beige is back. In beige. The album launch delayed by motherhood came good in 2013; not that it made a lot of difference. For the most part it’s a continuation of Life for Rent and White Flag, with Ms Dido droning wan (and wan and wan) and listless through another collection of … Continue reading

Review: David Bowie – The Next Day 2013

Bowie’s surprise comback album is a Kenwood blender-mix of ingredients from his last forty years’ back catalogue. Excluding The Laughing Gnome. When Bowie got over his mid-life crisis (Tin Ear Machine), got married, moved to NYC, floated shares in himself on the stock market and went silent for ten years, we all thought that was … Continue reading

Humour: Professor Elemental – I’m British

Hello there! Welcome to the world of Professor Elemental. Sit down and I’ll brew you a nice hip hop number, stir in some comedy, then serve it with scones and a nice warm cuddle. This is Professor Elemental, a unique and award winning hip-hop, or ‘chap-hop’ artist recommended by Dan Lynch on Rathole Radio. ‘Chap-hop’ … Continue reading

Review: Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon (2012)

In the second half of 2012, UK band Two Door Cinema Club was everywhere. I spent the January sales listening to Sun in every retail outlet in the country (okay, I’m a Sale junkie). They seemed to be on every TV music show playing live, with a good performance on BBC2’s Jules Holland. More than … Continue reading

Review: Pink Roman Holiday Reloaded – Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s persona is a hotch-potch version of Gaga’s arty image. The schizophrenic, clash-coloured randomness of her wardrobe and hair styles is musically recreated in her latest album Pink: Roman Holiday. The album’s strikingly discordant range of songs makes you feel as if you’re listening to a chronological personality shift. The opening song, Roman Holiday, … Continue reading

Review: Samantha Jade

The debut album from Samantha Jade follows the 25 year old’s journey through Australia’s X-Factor final. Featuring re-recorded studio tracks of some of Samantha’s performances on the show including UFO, Breakeven, Wide Awake and Free Fallin’, as well as recordings of her standout performance and number #1 iTunes song, Heartless and her winning single, What … Continue reading

Review: Leslie Hunt – Your Hair is on Fire

“This album is a collection of songs ranging from heartbreak to first dates and back. What sets Leslie apart is that she straddles two extremes: a witty, bouncy pop artist in brightly colored dresses who is pitted against her darker self, a sensual, piano-crouched exhibitionist. Whether it is a cheerful, hook-heavy pop tune about love … Continue reading

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