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How-to: Stress ABC – breaking the cycle

Article originally appeared on the Speaking Well in Public Facebook page, April 2015 Our reactions to stressful situations tend to happen in a repeating cycle of habits: A – An Activating event happens B – This triggers your Beliefs about it C – The Consequence is your physical response; how you feel about what you’re … Continue reading

How-to: Speaking well in public

Article originally appeared on the Speaking Well in Public Facebook page, August 2015 Speaking well in public is a vital business and social skill, so it’s important to be aware of the impact you have when you speak. Here are three voice habits to beware and avoid when you’re speaking in public, to your colleagues, … Continue reading

Humour: The Hilarity of Spam

We all know some ridiculous percentage of email is actually unwanted spam that clutters the world’s mailservers. Normally you don’t see most of it, don’t give it a second thought; it’s straight in the junk folder and deleted. The quarantine server at the current client, however, sends you a list of the junk mail in … Continue reading

How-to: The redundancy survival kit

Article originally appeared on the Speaking Well in Public Facebook page, July 2015 Redundancy – getting laid off – is now a fact of life, whereas a few years ago, in many sectors, it just didn’t happen. Now it does, and if you aren’t ready when the unthinkable happens, you may go under. Even if … Continue reading

Review: Beowulf Return to the Shieldlands (ITV Studios)

Aiming for the early Sunday night audience again, ITV re-boots the epic poem as a Game of Thrones slash Hobbit generic fantasy in a bleak Cumbrian landscape; it’s dark  earnest, but completely lacking any spark of energy or originality. Persuaded to pitch his Beowulf as a generic dour Northerner somewhere between Kit Harrington and Sean … Continue reading

Review: Jekyll and Hyde Season 1 (ITV)

This should be more properly titled “Son of Jekyll and Hyde”, as Tom Bateman is Robert Jekyll, son of Henry, picking up in the 1930’s where R L Stevenson’s literary classic left off. Returning from colonial India, Jekyll Jnr. is soon scouring London for the family secrets, including how it is that he loses his … Continue reading

Opinion: Ad Blocking and why you’re not a pirate

Web user: I hate ads. They’re annoying, intrusive, distracting, they suck up bandwidth, delay my page loads, scam me with fake content and click-bait, and show me and my kids offensive and inappropriate content that is NSFW or home and bypass my privacy and parental rights. Advertiser: That’s my revenue stream you’re talking about. That’s … Continue reading

Review: Tomorrowland (2015)

When child inventor Frank Walker is recruited at the Worlds Fair, he is transported to a glittering futuristic city in another dimension. Forty years on, teen genius Casey Newton is similarly recruited to join the adult Frank to prevent the end of the world. In the spirit of a live-action version of The Incredibles (also … Continue reading

Review: Mr Holmes (2015)

Southern England, 1947: returning from a mystery trip to Japan in search of herbal remedies, a long retired Sherlock Holmes faces up to mortality, but can’t quite shake the last case that led to his retirement. A man out of his time, Holmes must come to terms with the post-world war nuclear age and the … Continue reading

Review: John Wick (2015)

Another in the long line of middle-aged blokes with a gun blowing away the bad guys. That’s it. You want more? OK, Keanu Reeves is a grieving hitman after the son of a Russian Mafioso who killed the dog his dead wife gave him. John Wick is the assassin you hired to go kill the … Continue reading

Review: The Equalizer (2015)

This stylish, well-executed but empty, middle-aged-bloke-with-skills-on-mission-of-vengeance, sees Denzel Washington take on the Russian Mafia. In a bold re-boot of the 80’s TV franchise, only Denzel, Chloe Grace Moretz and Martin Csokas make this in any way interesting. Distinguished only by the graphic killings with improvised weapons (I always knew DIY was dangerous), this is a … Continue reading

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