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How-to: Take awesome videos with your phone’s camera

Reblogged from Moolta: So you want to create something unique? Think it’s your turn to become a YouTube sensation? 99.9% of videos fail to get massive views and shares because of several basic mistakes that can be easily avoided. How? We thought you’d never ask.

Humour: Good Chemistry

They had good chemistry. Philippa Hammond shared George Takei‘s photo.

Photography: Elspeth and Evan

Elspeth and Evan don’t post any personal information to their Flickr photostream, but from what I can deduce they are a couple of well-travelled Australians with a nice line in photography. Take a look at their space on Flickr and you will find a portfolio spanning 2008-2010, which is a mixture of conventional photography and … Continue reading

Photography: Patrick Latter – Canadian Hiking

Rising to a challenge from the Editor, I have to describe, adequately, some stunning photography that I ‘wowed’ over recently. This could take some work; I know nothing about photography other than ‘stand still and don’t put your finger over the lens.’ Until now. Patrick Latter describes himself as “a programmer with a passion for … Continue reading

Photography: Brandon King

“Brandon is the best guy I ever liked and his photos are quite impressive too. If it were not for him I would not have any documentation of my life and chances are, I would forget how sweet it actually is. Thanks for the memories Brandon.” – Blazey Quite a testimonial for the prolific Brandon … Continue reading

Photography: Tania Jessica Smith

“Hi, I’m Tania. I’m currently working in London at the Natural History Museum in their gift shop but what I love most is being creative. I studied art and I have been lucky enough to travel the world. My camera has been with me along the way. I hope this will be an easy way … Continue reading

Photography: Tony Whitmore

“I love the unique combination of people that come together at a wedding; the couple, their guests… every wedding is unique. No other wedding will have quite the same character or leave the same memories. My job is to preserve those memories. When I’m not photographing weddings, I present a popular podcast, basically an Internet … Continue reading

Photography: Captured by Leslie

Leslie Rodriguez photography portfolio. “Hello! Thanks so much for visiting my photography page. I grew up in Louisville, KY (where I was known as Leslie McClure) and currently reside in Nashville, TN with my husband Javier Rodríguez. Javier and I work as a team to provide the best photography service available… As you might have … Continue reading

Photography: Abe Pacana

“I am Abe Pacana, a nature & landscape photographer, engineer, mediocre guitarist based near Philadelphia. I do not believe that you need the best camera and the most expensive stuff to capture the best photos. Some people will use the excuse ‘my camera does not have a good dynamic range’ or ‘the mega pixel is … Continue reading

Photography: Stan Schillingburg Javashotsblog

“Hi, I am Stan and photography is my second career since retiring from the US Military. Writing is also becoming quite exciting and I hope to combine my photography and writing first, here in my blog space. I am focusing on travel and photography.” Stan is one of the more outgoing photogrpahers, positively encouraging viewers … Continue reading

Photography: Nathan Jonathan Reitzel

“I am a young aspiring artist from South Dakota. I attend college and work full time, but when I have the opportunities I love to explore numerous different styles of art. I enjoy painting, drawing, and photography.” We want to encourage Nathan Jonathan Reitzel in his pursuit of photography. His galleries are characterised by crisp … Continue reading

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