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Review: Your World – The Culture of Gaming

Episode 1 of 2. BBC World Service. “Aleks Krotoski examines how computer gaming is affecting our culture – computer or videogames have been around for 40 years, but the wider cultural implications have tended to be glossed over in favour of discussion of the size of the gaming economy and concerns about games’ social impact. … Continue reading

Review: Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest

Martin Jarvis performs ‘Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest’, the second of two of P.G. Wodehouse’s celebrated ‘New York’ stories, starring blithe Bertie Wooster and his urbane valet Jeeves. It was recorded in front of a live audience – a packed house at the Everyman Theatre – as a highlight of the 2010 Cheltenham Festival of … Continue reading

Review: The ‘arse that Jack Built – BBC Radio4

Ian McMillan goes on a quest to find one of Britain’s strangest linguistic features. Somewhere between Sheffield and Chesterfield, people stop saying house and say something that sounds a lot more like ‘arse. It’s an isogloss, a kind of linguistic boundary line where accent and dialect changes. Ian calls it the house / arse interface, … Continue reading

Reviews: October Highlights

So far this month: BBC private-sector spy drama Hunted continues to draw, despite the ludicrous Spooks style-plot holes.  RC Ian Hislop’s series The British Stiff Upper Lip – An Emotional History of Britain. Catch it on iPlayer if you missed it. SC Snow White and the Huntsman out on DVD. Including a great closing song … Continue reading

Review: The History of the Future BBC Radio4

Juliet Gardiner looks at how cultures of the past viewed the possibilities of the future, and what these visions say about the pre-occupations of the time. Or as I like to call it – Where’s My Jetpack? Here’s a curious thing; a BBC Radio 4 documentary series that doesn’t appear to exist on iPlayer, Listen … Continue reading

News: The Digital Human Series 2

Aleks Krotoski returns with a new series of explorations of our digital world. Episode 1: Diaspora – In the first in the new series Aleks looks at how different cultures are preserving their identity in the face of the homogenising effects of technology. This insightful series combines popular science and technology with some social anthropology … Continue reading

Review: The Digital Human BBC Radio4

Aleks Krotoski explores the digital world, looking at the urge to capture every image, experience and feeling for on-line eternity and how technology touches everything people do, both on and off-line I didn’t get time to post this over the Summer when it originally aired on BBC Radio 4 Monday afternoons, but this well thought … Continue reading

Review: The Man Who Saves Life Stories BBC Radio4

“Irving Finkel collects ordinary people’s lives. He hoards their life stories in diary form and has amassed a collection of hundreds of handwritten volumes. But Irving has a problem. What should he do with them? The diaries are crammed onto shelves and piled up in corners of his small office. Irving’s day job is Assistant … Continue reading

Review: The News Quiz

“Topical panel quiz show, taking its questions from the week’s news stories.” For Season 77, Episode 5, Jeremy Hardy, Phill Jupitus and Hugo Rifkind join Sandi Toksvig to review the week’s news. Now on Series 77, the venerable News Quiz is one of those archetypal panel shows to which so many other radio and TV … Continue reading

Opinion: the Windows Apology

How I suffer. I get called the Windows apologist, the Windows fan-boy, Gates-Junior. Occassionally colleagues ask ‘is there nothing that annoys you about Windows?’ And when they ask, the flood-gates doth open. How much time can you spare? Over many years, spent in windowless rooms (irony!) conducting user testing, the Microsoft’s User Research Group repeatedly … Continue reading

Review: Inside Fortress Bill BBC Radio 4

Inside Fortress Bill: BBC Radio4,  06 Jan 2012 “Katie Derham takes a unique inside look at the charitable foundation set up by Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and evaluates its power, aims and global influence.” Despite the press release claim to take a ‘warts and all’ look at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this low-key … Continue reading

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