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Review: Day of the Doctor

After a fortnight of saturation coverage on every BBC channel, the plot made no sense and despite show-runner and writer Steven Moffat’s oft-quoted dislike of plots that are too ‘timey-wimey’, the 50th Anniversary secial was a bit… ‘timey-wimey.’ With Tennant and Smith sliding into self-parody, gravelly John Hurt, as the ‘missing’ Doctor (more like the … Continue reading

Review: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Avengers director Joss Wheedon follows the Buffy formula for the comic-book, non-super-hero, whizz-bang action spy series. TV Marvel methodone for superhero film fans. It really does feel like a return to Buffy after the disappeared-up-its-own-tailpipe, conspiracy labyrinth of Dollhouse. Jumping in where Avengers Assemble left off, the miraculously resurrected Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) puts together … Continue reading

Review: Atlantis (BBC1 TV)

BBC1’s new Saturday night adventure puts Greek mythology through the blender as the Merlin team go for their next prime-time hit. Panto season starts early. Forget everything you ever new about Greek mythology because, even more than Merlin, BBC Wales have picked up the deck, shuffled the cards, thrown half of them away and dealt … Continue reading

How-to: Being a Background Artiste Pt III – The Upside

I may have given a very poor impression of the job of Background Artiste in Parts I and II. This was deliberate. Despite what you may think, it is not a job for everyone. For every short day in a studio on an advert, there’s one location day having the infamous fish and chip incident. … Continue reading

Review: The Fall (BBC2)

Gillian Anderson does Prime Suspect as Silence of the Lambs amongst the hard men of Belfast. Now fully British again after her X-files stint, Gillian Anderson (Great Expectations) is DSI Stella Gibson, a fish-out-of-water female detective in a man’s world, chasing down a serial killer in a post-Troubles Northern Ireland still thick with sectarian tension. … Continue reading

Review: Vicious (ITV1)

Time travel is possible and it’s here as a working scientific phenomenon. That’s the only explanation I can find for Vicious, ITV1’s latest situation comedy, which is barely a ‘sit’ and contains no ‘com.’ Starring Britain’s two foremost theatrical knights, Sirs Ian McKellen (The Hobbit, X-Men) and Derek Jacobi (Henry V, Underworld Evolution) as an … Continue reading

Review: Danny Boyle – Man of Wonder (BBC Culture Show Special)

“In a Culture Show special, Oscar winning director Danny Boyle talks to Mark Kermode about his new film Trance, London 2012’s afterglow and the highs and lows of an extraordinary film-making career.” Danny Boyle began his career in subversive agit-prop theatre at the Royal Court and went on to be equally subversive in TV. Breaking … Continue reading

Review: Game of Thrones Season 2

It’s often said that the life in the middle ages was nasty, brutish and short. George R.R. Martin’s intricately crafted world of Game of Thrones captures all of that; blood feuds, treachery, zealotry, fornication and death, transferred to the screen in all it’s gory glory by HBO. Mysogeny, nudity, swearing, and sex, with the entire … Continue reading

Review: Labyrinth, Channel 4 TV

Supervising the adaptation of her own 2005 novel, Kate Mosse delivers an historical-mystery-conspiracy-supernatural-‘thriller’ based on some cod-historical version of the Holy Grail myth which mystifies but fails to thrill. Channel 4 TV trumpeted Labyrinth as a flagship drama. With medieval and modern plot lines mashed together with the subtlety of the earthquake in episode one, … Continue reading

Review: Terra Nova [Fox TV]

In the year 2149, humankind seeks escape from the polluted Earth by travelling to the past to establish a new colony. Or: a group of very pretty actors (plus Avatar‘s brilliant Stephen Lang) travel back in time to colonise Earth 85 million years ago in the Fox TV adventure series. It could have been Mysterious … Continue reading

Review: Crossing England in a Punt: River of Dreams

From the Staffordshire hills to the Humber estuary, spirited explorer Tom Fort embarks on a 170-mile journey down Britain’s third longest river, the Trent. Beginning on foot, he soon transfers to his own custom-built punt, the Trent Otter, and rows many miles downstream. Along the way he encounters the power stations that generate much of … Continue reading

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