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Review: Foyles War (ITV1)

Familiar Sunday-night sleuth DSI Foyle’s war becomes Foyles Cold War in a dowdy Britain of rationing and displacement, enlivened only by traditional red buses and red telephone boxes. The cancelled detective is back with us thanks to the outrage of it’s loyal audience, both in the UK and around the world. Spies in trench-coats and … Continue reading

Review: Sherlock Season 2 DVD

The best show on DVD? It’s an easy deduction to make. Sherlock is that rare programme – a modern adaptation that works. For series two, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat team up to produce another round of intelligent, witty scripts. In the first series Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were given suicides, international smuggling and … Continue reading

Review: The Thick of It – The Inquiry

Madness in their method acting made this bravura episode of BBC2’s political satire one of the finest episodes of TV ever made. The hour-long special (season 4, episode 6) mounted a Leveson or Chilcot-style inquiry into the sucide of NHS campaigner Mr Tickell after his flat was sold off. What ensued was one of the … Continue reading

Review: Restless BBC TV

Two more strong heroines uncover dark deeds in the BBC’s measured, low-octaine, double period spy drama Restless, from William Boyd’s own best seller. It’s 1976 and out of the blue, your elderly but formidable mother tells you she’s a former MI6 spy and that people are out to kill her. Rather than put her into … Continue reading

I Wish I Was A Spaceman (for Gerry Anderson)

Re-post from I Wish I Was A Spaceman (for Gerry Anderson) by Thomas Everchild Fireball XL5, Thunderbirds and UFO were Gerry Anderson’s most significant and important work as a producer. His contribution to television and film remains one of the least appreciated and underrated by the industry in his own country. He gave creative technicians … Continue reading

Review: The Fear (Channel 4)

Imagine a mature career criminal, his legitimate businesses fronting long-time rackets, property developer; a pillar of the community; charitable donor. Behind the respectable family man, a history of violence and a drink problem. Now imagine he develops early-onset dementia. Add the incursion of savagely violent Albanian gangs onto his turf, threatening everything he had built … Continue reading

Mister Night Sky

Mister Night Sky (for Sir Patrick Moore) December 2012 This began as a simple ‘Man in the Moon’ picture, then I added a satellite. A thought struck me that it would be nice if I included some Patrick Moore icons, so the realistic satellite was gradually replaced with one made from cricket stumps, a xylophone … Continue reading

Review: Secret State

UK terrestrial Channel 4 turns in a superior conspiracy thriller; with all the baggage that comes with the genre. It’s the second time Labour MP Chris Mullin’s book A Very British Coup (rather a giveaway title for a thriller) has been adapted for TV. This time it is Gabriel Byrne as rebel Prime Minister Tom … Continue reading

Review: Boardwalk Empire Season One

Director Martin Scorcese is in familiar crime territory in this HBO ‘prequel’ to Goodfellas, Casino and The Departed. Beginning in gambling locale Atlantic city in 1920, the religious right succeeded in prohibiting alcohol and America’s mobsters extended their reach into the bootleg trade. The show is based on the book by Nelson Johnson. This is … Continue reading

Review: Stephen Fry – Gadget Man

Stephen Fry welcomes us into his wonderful world of tech, from the everyday to the extraordinary. In this show Stephen tries out all the products and prototypes he can lay his hands on, gadgets from the future, gadgets from the past, life-changing ones and sweet little gizmos that will change the way you live your … Continue reading

Review: Stargate Universe Season Two

I finally finished Season Two, hoping in vain for a decent story arc to emerge. It didn’t. Stargate Universe was the ‘Star Trek Enterprise‘ of this particular fanchise; a good idea that tried to do something different from its predecessors but ended up looking like a me-too mash-up of other shows while milking an old … Continue reading

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