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• Silk Road forfeits $28m in Bitcoins (BBC) • 5 Things Obama Failed to Address in the NSA Speech (Mashable) • NSA ‘collected 200m texts per day’ (BBC) • eBay Takes Its First Steps Toward Virtual Currency (Mashable) • No return for India’s street typists (BBC) • Mozilla to build anti-surveillance code verification system (OS-News) … Continue reading

Happy New Year 2014

A happy New Year to all our readers, followers and casual visitors. Thanks for staying with us. May you have a happy and successful 2014. The Editors

Best Wishes for the Festive Season

…whatever your colour, creed or religious beliefs. Here’s to a more peaceful world. The Editors Image credit: Christmas tree by Lotus Head from Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, via Wikimedia Commons

News 22 Nov 2013

• The Comparative Anatomy of the Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 (Mashable) • Gamma-ray explosion is brightest ever recorded (BBC) • U.S. May Allow Cellphone Calls During Flights (Mashable) • English has a new preposition, because internet (OSNews) • Israeli Startup Is Finding a Way to Speed Crop Growth by Thousands of Years (Mashable) • … Continue reading


• Paid Apps Aren’t Dead — but They Are on Life Support (Mashable) • Mozilla announces Firefox OS 1.1, adds new features (Ghacks) • Going paperless means, “Email me a PDF”, not “Email me your URL” (Dustin Kirkland) • Save lots of disk space with Microsoft’s new Windows Update Cleanup tool (Ghacks) • Windows XP … Continue reading

And We’re Back

We’re back… after a long Summer lay-off, filled with distractions. Such as old Windows PC’s not working, new Windows PC’s not working, tablets not working (that’s technology, not my medication), phones not working and motor cars not working. Sense a recurring theme here? There’s been a proper heat wave in Dubai (46 degrees) so the … Continue reading


• NASA Asking Global Community to Help Combat Asteroid Threat • Syrian Rebels Use iPads and Smartphones to Aid Weaponry • Internet Archaeologists Reconstruct Lost Web Pages • Thousands of People With Criminal Records Try to Buy Guns Online • U.S. Military Wants a Space Plane • Facebook Apologizes For Ads Featuring Photos of Suicide … Continue reading

News: Full Circle Issue 74 Hits the Streets

Full Circle – the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community – is proud to announce the release of our seventy fourth issue. This month: Ubuntu News Command & Conquer How-To : Gpodder, LibreOffice, and Connecting With IPV6. Graphics : Blender, and Inkscape. Review: Clementine

Summer Vacation

Greetings to all; we hope you are enjoying your Summer. Everything Express. is about to go on Summer recess; it’s been a busy year so far and we all have some other things to do over the coming months – exams, travel, books to write. So we’ll be going quiet for a while the sun … Continue reading

News May 2013

• Gmail integrated Google Wallet lets you send money right away to scammers (Ghacks) • When Will Humans Upload Their Brains to Computers? (Mashable) • BlackBerry Porting Popular Messaging App to Android, iOS Platforms (TheVarGuy) • Congress Asks if Google Glass Will Be a Privacy Nightmare (Mashable) • Microsoft to Offer Free Windows 8.1 Update, … Continue reading

News: May 2013

• YouTube Introduces Paid Channels (Mashable) • YouTube claims victory in TV battle (Talk Talk) • Tiny robot RoboBee starts flights (Talk Talk) • Wanted: Citizen Scientists to Hunt ‘Space Warp’ Galaxies (Mashable) • Google Earth now does time travel (Ghacks) • Facebook reports 38% revenue rise (Talk Talk) • Ofcom considers BT ‘dominance’ (Talk … Continue reading

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