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Review: Chrome OS Part Two [Guest Post]

Review: Chrome OS by Art Schreckengost originally appeared in Full Circle Magazine issue 71. In Part One, Art discussed the Acer Chromebook hardware and OS. Now, onto the Apps… So, if nearly everything is cloud based, does that mean your Chromebook is a brick if no connection is available? Contrary to other reviews I’ve read, … Continue reading

Review: Chrome OS Part One [Guest Post]

Review: Chrome OS by Art Schreckengost originally appeared in Full Circle Magazine issue 71. In personal computing, choices include Windows, Apple, or Linux, while tablets make do with iOS, Android, or RT. However, Google has been working in the background for the past couple years to polish its Linux/Android knock-off, Chrome OS. Overwhelm is not … Continue reading

Opinion: Why Ubuntu Phone Will Fail [Guest Post]

Guest post by Ed Hewitt Earlier this month, Canonical held its first press event to unveil its phone operating system, Ubuntu for Phone. This is a product many have speculated would happen after the launch of Unity, providing a touch interface, as well as Canonical bringing Ubuntu to Android devices. While Ubuntu for Android allows … Continue reading

Review: Your World – The Culture of Gaming

Episode 1 of 2. BBC World Service. “Aleks Krotoski examines how computer gaming is affecting our culture – computer or videogames have been around for 40 years, but the wider cultural implications have tended to be glossed over in favour of discussion of the size of the gaming economy and concerns about games’ social impact. … Continue reading

How-to: Safely Clean Your Tablet or Smart-phone’s Touch-screen

Cleaning a screen on a phone or a tablet should be simple. You don’t need special cleaning solutions or purpose-made cloths. You should know what to avoid; Windowlene, washing up liquid, most soaps, paper towel, tissues and kitchen towel. Anything you touch is going to build up a layer of finger grease. This is inevitable. … Continue reading

Humour: Hi-tech to What-Tech?

A love relationship this generation will never understand via Make Use Of.

How-to: Trouble-shoot Windows Crashes – Hardware

Windows is crashing. You’re looking at regular “program is not responding messages” or worse – a Blue Screen of Death. So you’ve worked through the software diagnosis outlined in part one and so far found nothing. Perhaps it’s in the hardware; somewhere a fault has developed that’s stopping things working that worked before? Or have … Continue reading

How-to: Wipe Data Securely

When you delete a file in Windows, Ubuntu, or any other operating system, what it actually does is delete the pointer(s) within the disk index indicating where on the hard disk the file is stored. The file, and therefore the data contained therein is still sitting there. Which is how certain file recovery tools are … Continue reading

Review: Stephen Fry – Gadget Man

Stephen Fry welcomes us into his wonderful world of tech, from the everyday to the extraordinary. In this show Stephen tries out all the products and prototypes he can lay his hands on, gadgets from the future, gadgets from the past, life-changing ones and sweet little gizmos that will change the way you live your … Continue reading

How-to: Choose Encryption or Remote Wipe

The ubiquity of mobile devices is accompanied by the ubiquity of loss and deliberate theft. Most people are unsure how to deal with this and don’t realise the damage data loss can cause until it happens. Which prompted ‘friend of the show’ Tony Whitmore to ask our Local User Group (LUG): Are there any options … Continue reading

How-to: Try Chromium OS Part Three – Bootable USB

Following our look at Chromium OS in Part One, and trying it in a virtual machine using VirtualBox, we’ll move on to use the standard Vanilla build of Chromium OS from a bootable USB stick directly on real hardware without installing anything to the hard drive. Hexxeh provides pre-built, bootable disk images for use on … Continue reading

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