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Opinion: Go Fischer-Price with Flat Design

No, not flat-pack design, what do you think this is? IKEA? No, software design. The user interfaces for years have been Skeuomorphic and 3D; Apple went for hand stitched and patina’d leather finishes, Windows 7 was Aero’d, glassy and transparent. Buttons were pop-up, pop-out, marbled, reflective and lozenge-shaped. Well forget all that, the future’s flat, … Continue reading

Review: Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini $330 We’ve been looking at the tablet market and all anyone’s commented so far is ‘what about the iPad?’ Well, here it is. Apple more or less defines the tablet market – despite Bill Gates’ ahead-of-its’ time tablet in the ’90’s. Yes, Microsoft was there first, and we’ll look at the fight … Continue reading

Review: Safari 5.1.2 Web-browser

“With a simple, elegant interface, the Safari browser gets out of your way and lets you enjoy the Web. Features include: fast performance; an elegant user interface, easy bookmarks, pop-up Blocking, in-line find, tabbed browsing, SnapBack, automatic form filling, built-in RSS, re-sizable text fields, private browsing, and security.” The browser wars are back. Firefox 9 … Continue reading

Opinion: They Began With i

Now the immediate outpouring has died down over the passing of Steve Jobs, it’s worth considering wither next for Apple in his absence. Many things have been said about Jobs. Like many driven entrepreneurs he was demanding, difficult, inspired loyalty and fear in equal measure, was a hard-bargaining businessman and a strong talisman of leadership. … Continue reading

Apple vs Samsung Patent Tangle

Sigh. Another legal set-to between technology companies. This time it’s Apple suing Samsung for willfully and deliberately – I believe the word ‘slavishly’ has been bandied about by Apple– copying wholesale the design of the iPhone 4, right down to the icons (monochrome or color it doesn’t matter). Now this is Samsung Mobile division, rather … Continue reading

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