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How-to: Get More Traffic to your Website

When it comes to building an audience for a website or blog, there is no magic wand to wave, it all comes down to hard work and patience. While you might get lucky occasionally and time a pertinent article now and then, relying on the odd Stumble or Digg or trending Tweet is not going … Continue reading

How-to: Promote Your Blog

Not our most original post, this is largely a lift of Blogger’s advice on promoting your Blogspot site. Not unique to Blogger, you can apply this advice to most platforms, even if the specific tools vary.

Review: Dynamic Views in Blogger

Last month Google’s Blogger (Blogspot) platform released a revamped template portfolio for blogs hosted on their platform. Called ‘Dynamic Views’ the idea is a set of easy-to-apply web 2.0 templates to keep the vast number of blogs from becoming stale. There are many hundred thousands of blogs; huge numbers look the same or very similar, … Continue reading

How-to: Blogger Traffic Analysis

One of the good things you get on Google’s Blogger platform is a decent set of statistics by way of traffic analysis to your site. I took a look at this for the first time in a while and found a some interesting numbers. I’m particularly looking at the kinds of visitors I’m getting on … Continue reading

Return to Blogger Recent Posts Gadget

At the beginning of the month, eagle-eyed readers of my Blogger site will have noticed up to three “Recent Posts” widgets on trial in my layout. This is purely down to the fact that all of the Recent Posts, Recent Posts Advanced widget and another custom feed method all broke down in the updated version … Continue reading

How-to: Blogspot Recent Posts Widget

One of the things I like about Blogspot (as Blogger used to be known way back when), is the flexibility to change ANYTHING in your template. You should bear in mind the terms of service before you start ripping out branding and credits elements; but it is a free service, where the technically minded can … Continue reading

How-to: Blogger Template Refresh

Regular visitors may notice that we have refreshed the template here on the Blogger site. Partly for a visual refresh and partly for functional reasons, we’ve finally left our original template behind to go with a feature-rich template Novato (itself based on Bloggerized). The benefit of an established platform like Blogger is the wealth of … Continue reading

Top Blogging Trio

Despite the meteoric rise in social networking, traditional blogging has not gone away. Some of the most influential websites on the Internet including TechCrunch and Mashable, started out as a small blogs. Now there is a bewildering array of blogging platforms, both free and paid services. If you don’t want to shell out on the … Continue reading

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