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How-to: Fix Untrusted Connections in Firefox

With so much of our daily lives now conducted via the internet, from paying bills to accessing medical services, online banking and shopping, if you can’t trust your browser to take you to the right site, what do you do? And what do you do when it is the right site but the browser thinks otherwise? … Continue reading

How-to: Enable Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 11

Or perhaps I should have called this “where’s that dam’ button gone?” In Internet Explorer 11, the compatibility view button is removed from the address bar; supposedly because document modes are now deprecated. But there’s a long tail of development in which X-UA-Compatible meta tags are not or cannot be added to website HTML headers. … Continue reading

How-to: Get Privacy in Firefox

Private Browsing – Browse the web without saving information about the sites you visit As you browse the web, Firefox remembers lots of information for you: sites you’ve visited, files you’ve downloaded, and more. There may be times, however, when you don’t want other users on your computer to see this information, such as when … Continue reading

How-to: Get Privacy in Internet Explorer

All the major web-browsers –  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari – now offer built-in privacy features, yet it’s estimated that that only 1-2% of users take advantage of them. Most users say they are concerned about privacy on-line; identity-theft, anonymity, and data protection. But some of these anti-tracking features are hard to figure … Continue reading

How-to: Secure Your Web-Browser

Think about it: the browser is the gateway to access today’s online world. If you frequent social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you’re going to use a browser. Into cloud computing? Dropbox, Amazon Webservices? Blogging through WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger? The web-browser is also the primary means of attack by crackers and criminals. … Continue reading

Review: Firefox Download Manager

Since early April, the Firefox web-browser comes with a new Download Manager; with the indicator and progress icon now embedded in the Firefox toolbar, you get an aggregate view of what’s currently downloading and how long is the remaining time to completion. Click on the icon and you get a Show all downloads button. Hit … Continue reading

How-to: Use Firefox Password Manager

The Firefox web browser includes a password manager that allows you to save passwords for sites you use frequently. Enter a password into a web page and you should get a message asking you if you want Firefox to remember the password. This  “Remember passwords for site” prompt for the password manager is enabled in … Continue reading

How-to: Delete Autocomplete Entries in Firefox

Firefox does an excellent job of storing the contents of data entry fields on web pages and the Location Bar and the Search Bar. Autocomplete drop down lists that appear so that it can prompt you with suggestions the next time you want, say, an address line, telephone number, post code or other common entries. … Continue reading

How-to: Use Google’s Diagnostic Page

Are you aware that the world’s most used search engine, Google, runs a number of diagnostic routines on all its search results before they are presented to you? And that you can get some slightly odd, not to say worrying diagnoses from it? This is all part of Google’s Safe Browsing initiative, part public service, … Continue reading

How-to: Set Internet Explorer 10 Defaults in Windows 8

There is a Jekyl and Hyde battle going on in Windows 8 thanks to Internet Explorer 10. There are two versions of the browser in Windows 8. One is the ‘Metro-style’ (sic) application, the most locked down and constrained browser still able to provide a full-screen experience and which is designed to be usable on … Continue reading

Opinion: IE9 Theme Tune Mystery

Ok, I don’t get it. I don’t get the ad, which is on prime time TV and says next to nothing about IE; you barely get to see the browser. I definitely don’t get the choice of theme song that plays over the top, not just underneath, the visuals. The ad features the song Too … Continue reading

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