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How-to: Remove Text-Enhance adware

Text Enhance is one of those pesky adware browser hijackers that takes over pages in your web browser and overlays ads based on keywords in the page text. Underlined keywords are hyperlinked to pop-up boxes containing coupons in ads clearly identified as Text Enhance. A relatively benign and easily removed example of adware, it is … Continue reading

How-To: Remove Rvzr-A.Akamaihd Pop-Up Virus

A colleague just got hit by another one of these insidious little blighters. We know how it got in – Internet Explorer 11 – but not the source. I suspect my colleague clicked on a close or cancel button in a pop-up which actually ran some malicious code. We know what and when it was … Continue reading

Review: Chrome OS Part Three [Guest Post]

Review: Chrome OS by Art Schreckengost originally appeared in Full Circle Magazine issue 71. In Part Two, Art discussed the Apps available in Chrome OS. Finally, what of reviews that state Ubuntu 12.04 can run quite fine on this unit (the Acer Chromebook)? No fiction there and it does work, but be aware of the … Continue reading

Review: Chrome OS Part Two [Guest Post]

Review: Chrome OS by Art Schreckengost originally appeared in Full Circle Magazine issue 71. In Part One, Art discussed the Acer Chromebook hardware and OS. Now, onto the Apps… So, if nearly everything is cloud based, does that mean your Chromebook is a brick if no connection is available? Contrary to other reviews I’ve read, … Continue reading

Review: Chrome OS Part One [Guest Post]

Review: Chrome OS by Art Schreckengost originally appeared in Full Circle Magazine issue 71. In personal computing, choices include Windows, Apple, or Linux, while tablets make do with iOS, Android, or RT. However, Google has been working in the background for the past couple years to polish its Linux/Android knock-off, Chrome OS. Overwhelm is not … Continue reading

How-to: ChromeOS Desktop Part 2

The second part of our look at the ChromeOS desktop. On paper, ChromeOS gives you a very flexible working environment; within the browser, you have access to all the Google Apps, a huge selection of extensions to enrich the browser itself, and the Chrome Store sitting on top of that, providing a vast array of … Continue reading

How-to: ChromeOS Desktop Part 1

ChromeOS: lightweight web-based alternative for the Internet Age? Or browser with ideas above it’s station? The engineers at Google thought they had it right when they looked at the majority of computer users’ actual usage and concluded that 90% of it was spent in-browser. So they put everything on-line in the Cloud and wrapped a … Continue reading

Review: Know How 9 – How to Build a Virtual Machine

Get the know how to make technology work for you. Iyaz Akhtar and Leo Laporte show you tech projects that you can do yourself and explain everything from tech basics to advanced techniques. Records live every Thursday at 3:00pm PT/6:00pm ET. Taking a different topic every week, Leo and Iyaz produce this weekly tech-tutorial show … Continue reading

Opinion: Where Next Chromebook?

I’m promoting a conversation with Chromebook Enthusiast from a previous post in order to look further at the implications of the Chromebook Price cut. “The Chromebook is a great concept as a thin client… for education, in the classroom, with Internet access, and access to my VDI infrastructure, it’s a very compelling solution. The total … Continue reading

News: Chromebook Pricedrop

Not surprisingly, Google announced a few days ago that it was lowering the price of the Chromebook to just $300. It’s not exactly the HP Touchpad fire sale, but nonetheless it looks like we’re on a countdown to the end of the Chromebook. The Chromebook is designed as the personal cloud computing device,  the ‘breakthrough’ … Continue reading

Review: Samsung Google Chromebook

Guest post by Ed Hewitt In 2008, Google wanted to speed up the Web and build a browser to support today’s Web and the ‘Web Apps’ we all use each day. With the release of Chrome, we have seen Google build a super-fast browser which supports Web standards. With the help of Mozilla Firefox, we … Continue reading

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