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Culture: E-book versus Print (Guest Post)

Guest post by Cristian Mihai from his original blog post at Christian Mihai: E-book vs. Print. There are two types of people in the world: those who realize that this world is constantly reinventing itself and are usually capable of recognizing the new directions in which the world is headed, and those who can’t. There’s … Continue reading

Opinion: What Amazon’s E-book Strategy Means (Guest Post)

This is a re-post of What Amazon’s ebook strategy means by Scottish sci-fi author, blogger and commentator Charlie Stross. All rights remain with the author. Do check out his blog, Charlies Diary. It seems to me that a lot of folks in the previous discussion don’t really understand quite what makes Amazon so interesting—and threatening, … Continue reading

Check Out One Book Per Month On Amazon Kindle Lending Library

E-books may not kill off the lending library after all; at least for Amazon Kindle owners. Amazon’s recently announced Kindle Owners’ Lending Library will allow Kindle users to check out one e-book a month from the library to be returned without buying. Which all sound fine until you get to the small print. The service … Continue reading

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