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How-to: Understand Internet Nameserver records

(Nameserver) A name server is a computer server that hosts a network service for providing responses to queries against a directory service. It maps a human-recognizable identifier to a system-internal, often numeric identification or addressing component. ( Accurate but dull. Nameservers work behind the scenes to translate the web address that you type in to … Continue reading

How-to: Avoid Dangerous Email Attachments

Email. It can’t really be ‘dangerous’ can it? Short of some bad news giving you a heart attack, no. But email attachments can harbour all kinds of nasties; trojans, worms, rogue executable code and other viruses. How do you know what’s safe to open? Even from people you know? The trouble is, any type of … Continue reading

Review: Web Mail 2013

Hotmail gets the Metro treatment to become Microsoft’s web-based email service remains solid, without starting a revolution. Realising that Hotmail was getting long in the tooth, and was hardly a unified experience sitting in the Windows 8 browser, Microsoft is now adopting Outlook as a brand for personal, web-based email services. The accompanying facelift … Continue reading

How-to: POP and IMAP Your E-mail

Smart-phones, netbooks, tablets; more devices on-line, more services to choose and set up. More technology, more terminology. More users who are coming to this for the first time. Surely it just works – doesn’t it? E-mail, then. What’s the best way to ensure the best connectivity and the best mailing experience? Web-based? Server based? Cloud? … Continue reading

How-to: Synchronise Windows 8 Mail app

Two things in my defence, here; one, I spent a couple of days working through these settings, convinced I had done something dumb. Two, I hadn’t, but for some reason, my Hotmail decided in those two days that it wasn’t going to synchronise with my Windows 8 machine. Fortunately reader Jason Ward (@jasongw) restrained his … Continue reading

How-to: Keep Spam out of your Hotmail

Unwelcome. Invited. The plague of the email inbox is spam – that’s electronic junk mail and not Spiced Ham. Microsoft’s Hotmail, one of the first truly global free webmail systems, used to suffer massively from spam; it was too easily hacked and addresses harvested; it was used as the platform to send spam; the tools … Continue reading

How-to: Sweep Your Hotmail Inbox

Aside from confusing the world with Windows 8, Win RT and the launch of the Surface tablet that nobody’s allowed to touch, Microsoft has been quietly adding features to Hotmail. In case your first reaction to Hotmail is ‘ugh!!!’ take another look. The big daddy of webmail has come along way from the weedy, insecure, … Continue reading

Opinion: Facebook to Replace Personal Email?

“Facebook me.” Thus, Facebook becomes a verb, joining the ranks of ‘Hoover’ and ‘Sky-Plus.’ The brand name becomes the verb associated with its use. Do you search for something online or do you Google it? The newest one would seem to Facebook, although it has two meanings: “I Facebooked you” used to mean that someone … Continue reading

How-to: Adjust Density in New Look Gmail

“You are my density…” (George McFly, Back to the Future) A common complaint about the new look Gmail is that we can’t find the Desnsity control to adjust the screen ‘density’, that is the effective resolution – font size and the amount of white space – in folder views. Just to confuse us all, you … Continue reading

Review: Zoho Mail

I’ve been with Microsoft’s Hotmail for so long I’ve almost forgotten what a spam-infested up-and-down yo-yo of a service it used to be. But it was a pioneer, the first time we realised you could have email without being tied to a PC client. Now everyone has a solid web-mail service, mostly over-branded engines from … Continue reading

Catch-up: MS-Office 2010 Outlook Mail Client

Continuing our look at Microsoft Office 2010, there is a number of upgraded tools, utilities and facilities to make life easier, more productive or simply drag the Office Suite into the new decade. One thing I’ve hated for several versions is Outlook. As a mail client it used to function well in Office 2000. The … Continue reading

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