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Review: Outlook.com Web Mail 2013

Hotmail gets the Metro treatment to become Outlook.com. Microsoft’s web-based email service remains solid, without starting a revolution. Realising that Hotmail was getting long in the tooth, and was hardly a unified experience sitting in the Windows 8 browser, Microsoft is now adopting Outlook as a brand for personal, web-based email services. The accompanying facelift … Continue reading

How-to: Windows 8 Start-tip Power-menu

Windows 8: bluff old traditionalists without a Slate, sorry, Surface (ha ha ha – no? Really?) sorry, tablet are going to stick with the conventional Windows desktop. And I hear you say; “Metro, sorry, Modern-UI apps are going to force out the conventional desktop.” No. There are too many corporates with legacy applications, without touch … Continue reading

How-to: Fallback to Gnome Panels on Ubuntu 12.04 UPDATED

The controversy remains around Ubuntu’s Unity, with it’s Launcher, Dashboard and Hub. As Gnome Shell appears to be fading as the successor to the classic Gnome 2 desktop, other Linux distributions are going glossy with KDE (Red Hat) or Gnome 2 retro-style with Cinnamon and MATE (Linux Mint) Meanwhile I still prefer the  look and … Continue reading

Ubuntu 12.04: What’s new?

The release of Ubuntu 12.04 includes new features and enhancements intended to make Canonical’s heavily branded Linux distribution an attractive proposition for consumers and enterprises. Take a look at what’s new and get the Ubuntu tour at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/whats-new. The Head-Up Display (HUD) “The new HUD gives you a fast alternative to the traditional, menu-based way … Continue reading

Review: Avast 7 Public Beta

Internet security vendor Avast! recently released a public beta version of its 2012 software, Avast 7. You can download Avast Free, Avast Pro and Avast Internet Security from the official beta announcement thread in the Avast forum. The free download runs to 94.8MB. It comes with a brand new installer and although Avast notes that … Continue reading

Review: Whatever happened to Web Slices?

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and now 10, come with a feature called Web Slices: “A Web Slice is a specific portion of a web-page that you can subscribe to, and which enables you to see when updated content – such as the current temperature, or a changing auction price – is available from … Continue reading

News: Nook Versus Fire in Tablet Wars

I sat on this since the beginning of the month,considering the likely impact. US bookseller Barnes & Noble announced the release of its’ tablet reader, the Nook tablet. Squarely aimed at the same market as Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the question is whether B&N can make any in-roads into this next segment of the e-reader market … Continue reading

How-to: Adjusting Windows 7 SuperFetch

In a previous post we looked at the SuperFetch caching utility that pre-fetches data into RAM in the attempt to speed performance and reduce the bottleneck of slow disk reads. The habitual tinkerers will naturally wonder what can be done to optimise SuperFetch itself. You can play with what limited options there are, but as … Continue reading

Review: New Look Gmail

If you have seen the visual makeover already launched in Google Docs and Google Reader then Googlemail’s (Gmail) announcement of the new look won’t come as a big surprise. A revised, less cluttered layout, new colour schemes, new themes, labelling and threading, it all adds up to the biggest change to Gmail in some time. … Continue reading

How-to: Run Xfce on Ubuntu 11.10 Final

Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment which is designed to be responsive and consume fewer system resources than say, Gnome with Unity, or KDE. It’s also a useful substitute for Unity now that Gnome panel has been removed in 11.10. I am now running it on the regular Ubuntu 11.10 Unity release; that’s not Xubuntu, … Continue reading

How-to: Back up Using Windows 8 File History

Windows 8 includes a useful File History feature, which can back up your data files according to the schedule and duration you select. This saves files from your user profile folder and sub-folders to your preferred external drive; libraries, desktop, contacts, favourites and other files and folders. Most importantly it holds multiple versions over time … Continue reading

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