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Reclaiming your Self from Mobile Gadgetry – Getting Your ‘I’ Back (Guest Post)

Guest post by Paul Levy, CATS3000 and Digital Inferno presenting at The Critical Incident 2012; Brighton, Sussex, England, on Sunday 17th June. Based on material from his forthcoming book, Learning to Dance with Spiders, this shocking session will show you how to stop turning into a cold intellectual automaton with long spindly fingers and heart … Continue reading

The Critical Incident, Brighton, UK: Saturday 18th June

If you’d like to take a step back from your life and/or work and spend a day refreshing your thinking, feeling and action, the join us for The Critical Incident Brighton, Sussex, England, on Saturday 18th June. Now in it’s seventh year, this wonderful event takes place at the Phoenix Gallery and Caffe Moksha. There … Continue reading

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