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How-to: The Professional Voice

Article originally appeared on the Speaking Well in Public Facebook page, February 2015 Five key tips for success. How you sound affects how your message is received. Taking control of the way you speak will help you to capture and keep attention and deliver that message with ease.

How-to: Where’s Your Voice?

Article originally appeared on the Speaking Well in Public Facebook page, March 2015 Your natural voice quality plus the way you use your voice can affect your audience’s response to your message – and to you. Imagine a cross section through the world, from the clouds right down to the sea bed. Where does your … Continue reading

How-to: Stress ABC – breaking the cycle

Article originally appeared on the Speaking Well in Public Facebook page, April 2015 Our reactions to stressful situations tend to happen in a repeating cycle of habits: A – An Activating event happens B – This triggers your Beliefs about it C – The Consequence is your physical response; how you feel about what you’re … Continue reading

How-to: Get Free Web-Hosting

If you want a conventional website, you’ll need space on a web-server somewhere to run it. That usually costs money. The more space, better bandwidth, better facilities you want, the more it’s likely to cost you. But the Internet is also inundated with offers of free web hosting. And like ‘free lunches’, there are many … Continue reading

How-to: Disable Bing in Windows 10 Search

Windows 10 is a Microsoft product, so by default, any desktop search is set to run through Bing, sending everything through Microsoft on the way. Fortunately, this is one of the Windows bindings that is easy to cut, so you can cut Microsoft out of your desktop or local device searches. Open the Start Menu … Continue reading

How-to: Speaking well in public

Article originally appeared on the Speaking Well in Public Facebook page, August 2015 Speaking well in public is a vital business and social skill, so it’s important to be aware of the impact you have when you speak. Here are three voice habits to beware and avoid when you’re speaking in public, to your colleagues, … Continue reading

How-to: Understand XPS format

In case you never heard of it, XPS format is Microsoft’s competitor to Adobe’s PDF. First introduced in Windows Vista, the long head start enjoyed by PDF meant XPS never gained much traction, even with Windows users. XPS stands for Open XML Paper Specification, an open format in the same way Office Open XML is … Continue reading

How-to: Remove Text-Enhance adware

Text Enhance is one of those pesky adware browser hijackers that takes over pages in your web browser and overlays ads based on keywords in the page text. Underlined keywords are hyperlinked to pop-up boxes containing coupons in ads clearly identified as Text Enhance. A relatively benign and easily removed example of adware, it is … Continue reading

How-to: The redundancy survival kit

Article originally appeared on the Speaking Well in Public Facebook page, July 2015 Redundancy – getting laid off – is now a fact of life, whereas a few years ago, in many sectors, it just didn’t happen. Now it does, and if you aren’t ready when the unthinkable happens, you may go under. Even if … Continue reading

How-to: Resolve PayPal card rejections

We have PayPal as our payment processor for both our web shopping carts. It wasn’t my choice, but the sites are not their own legal entity, therefore we use the PayPal account belonging to the parent organisation. Where, we get calls from folks having trouble with PayPal processing debit and credit card transactions, there are … Continue reading

How-to: Introduction to Edge

Project Spartan. Sounds awesome (sic). It was the codename for Microsoft’s successor to Internet Explorer; the new browser: Edge. So is it cutting edge, leading edge or trailing edge? Is it finished? Is it fast? And is it the first properly functional Modern UI application? After all, we’re all going to spend a lot of … Continue reading

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