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Humour: There is no Cloud…

Humour: The Hilarity of Spam

We all know some ridiculous percentage of email is actually unwanted spam that clutters the world’s mailservers. Normally you don’t see most of it, don’t give it a second thought; it’s straight in the junk folder and deleted. The quarantine server at the current client, however, sends you a list of the junk mail in … Continue reading

Humour: Knights of the Ikea Table

Knights of the Ikea Table, by Hippie Peace Freaks with Sarah Bott

Humour: Stop smiling

“Stop smiling – the PC’s not even plugged in” From: The Register, Microsoft U-turns on ‘free’ Windows 10 upgrade promise for ALL previewers

Humour: Holiday Extras – Alcatraz

Slightly unsettled to find this image of Alcatraz featured in a search under Holiday Extras. Wondered if this the opposite of ‘glamping’? Then I saw the name of the photographer… RC Image credit: Alcatraz by Alexander C. Kafka under Creative Commons license.

Humour: Never mix whites with colours

Never mix whites with colors –  Paignton Zoo, Devon This is the result when you mix whites with colours in the same wash – pink swans! RC

Humour: iPad fitting experience

iPad fitting experience – signage at Clarks Village, Street, Somerset The cyborgs are here, and they’re powered by Apple. Question is where are they having the iPAD fitted?!?! RC

Humour: The Life of Pie

I like the sound of the top two; the third may be a little too honest. RC

Humour: Types of Apps

Original Inkscape artwork under the Creative Commons license from Eric Burke, creator of the apparently defunct It’s Just a Bunch of Stuff That Happens  

Humour: No Flush

“Well, you can flush… but we don’t appear to have connected it yet.” (Ringwood Gateway Conveniences)

Think Before You Post

From Alex Kinsella ‏via Twitter @alexkinsella Saw this sign in my daughter’s school this morning. Good advice for any age.

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