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How-to: Text-speak

The pollution of the English language continues apace (‘OMG, I sound like a member of the Academie Francais!’). Text-speak and the Internet are driving the latest short-hand in verbal and written communication. Literal short-hand, I mean thumb-typing. You don’t get shorter hands than that. You may think this is the End of th World as … Continue reading

Humour: Tomorrow’s Technology Today Episode One

The first product of the HMFC Memorial Sound Archive is the collection of all the episodes known to survive of the radio show, Tomorrow’s Technology Today. Listen to Episode One here: Tomorrow’s Technology Today Episode 1: Computer Painstakingly restored by Robin Catling and Victoria Pritchard, with the assistance of Studio 1919, Tomorrow’s Technology Today was … Continue reading

Humour: Mashable 404

The page you get for a page not found error over on Related: Humour: Windows Downgrade

Humour: Windows Downgrade

Some would argue that this is actually an upgrade via

Humour: “Intaxication”

“Intaxication – euphoria at getting a tax rebate which lasts til you realise it was your money to begin with.” Shared by Philippa Hammond on Facebook.

Humour: Hi-tech to What-Tech?

A love relationship this generation will never understand via Make Use Of.

Humour: Good Chemistry

They had good chemistry. Philippa Hammond shared George Takei‘s photo.

Humour: Knights and Princesses

Knights and Princesses – signage at Warwick Castle After all, what else would the latrines in a medieval castle be called? RC Image Credit: Knights and Princesses by Robin Catling

Humour: Teacher’s Note

Click to open enlarged image in a new window. Via

Humour: Man Flu Scourge of the Y Chromosome

Leave me, go on without me… just let me die. @SamDagnall #manflu Women do not contract Man-Flu. At worst they suffer from what is medically recognised as a ‘Mild Girly Sniffle’ – which, if a man caught, he would still be able to run, throw a ball, tear the phone book in half and compete … Continue reading

Humour: No room at the Inn

Image credit: snapped by R Catling from the ‘i’ newspaper, Monday Dec 24th, 2012.

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