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Opinion: Windows 8 Divides – Part One

Microsoft has turned its face away from the enterprise and the stalwart ‘home’ user in an all-out bid for the hearts and minds of a new generation. And it’s not working. Did someone say ‘convergence?’ The battle lines are firmly drawn over Windows 8. On one side is the (dying) breed of PC professional who … Continue reading

How-to: Windows 8 with Keyboard and Mouse

Microsoft’s new Metro interface is designed for touch screens, but not exactly intuitive for keyboard and mouse users. We’ve culled the following list of mouse and keyboard short-cuts from the trial of Windows 8 Developer Preview, supplemented with a couple of discoveries among MSDN users. AJS

Not Intuitive

Remember the scene in Star Trek IV where Scotty tries to operate a Mac workstation? I may be mis-remembering the dialogue, but it goes something like this: McCoy: “You have to use the mouse.” Scotty (picks up mouse and speaks into it): “Hello, computer.” McCoy: “Just use the keyboard.” Three things: one, I apologize for … Continue reading

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