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Opinion: Windows XP – Not Dead By a Long Way

Updates for Windows XP will end in April 2014. Yet the venerable operating system that first appeared in 2001 still has a user base counted in the millions, thanks to Microsoft’s own ineptitude and miscalculation. After Vista’s spectacular failure cost credibility with enterprise customers and retail consumers alike, even Windows 7 couldn’t overcome the resistance … Continue reading

Review: Microsoft Surface RT

Microsoft Surface RT $350 Remember the first Surface RT a few months back: ads full of clicky covers and no description of what the heck it was? For $500? Now with a prices cut of $150 down to $350, this may be worth another look – but take note – this is NOT the Surface … Continue reading

How-to: Buy a Tablet Autumn 2013 Part 1

The tablet is here. It’s not just a fad. It’s here to stay. You can claim that Apple created a market out of nothing, or you could say that Captain Kirk showed us the way back in 1967. What’s true is that the tablet is now a massive market. Every device manufacturer is making one, … Continue reading

How-to: Free Up Hard Drive Space when Cleaning Windows XP

There’s still millions of PC’s running Windows XP – a 14-year old operating system. All chock-a-block with junk files abandoned by users or by Windows itself. So what do you do if you’ve run out of space on a old XP desktop PC? Cleaning a computer running Windows XP is often a matter of getting … Continue reading

How-to: Use Built-in Windows Cleaning Utilities

Running out of hard disk space? Need to free up the space you know you’ve got but can’t work out where it’s all gone? You don’t need to install any other software. You can use the Disk Cleanup tool included with Windows to delete temporary files and free up disk space. Disk Cleanup allows you … Continue reading

How-to: Get Privacy in Internet Explorer

All the major web-browsers –  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari – now offer built-in privacy features, yet it’s estimated that that only 1-2% of users take advantage of them. Most users say they are concerned about privacy on-line; identity-theft, anonymity, and data protection. But some of these anti-tracking features are hard to figure … Continue reading

How-to: Get Windows 8 to Play DVD and Blu-ray

Assuming you have an optical drive in your Windows 8 machine, you insert a movie disk and… nothing happens. Even if you try to open it in Windows Media Player, Windows 8 cannot play DVDs or Blu-Ray disks out of the box. The reason is royalties. DVD and Blu-ray playback are both patented technologies that … Continue reading

News: Microsoft Announces Xbox One

Microsoft has unveiled its next-generation video games console, Xbox One, its’ new voice and motion-controlled home entertainment… thing. “Where your games look and feel like nothing else, where your TV becomes more intelligent, where all of your entertainment comes alive in one place. Team Xbox is on a new mission – design and build an … Continue reading

Opinion: Why Windows 8 Has Flopped

The numbers are in and the numbers are disappointing. Windows 8 may be shipping in the millions (100 million to date) but against the half billion of Windows 7 licenses and the long tail of Windows XP, the Count Dracula operating system that refuses to die, it has a long way to go. With sales … Continue reading

Opinion: Windows 8 [Guest Post]

Opinion: Windows 8 by Knightwise originally appeared in Full Circle Magazine issue 71. As I’m punching this out on my old but trusty HP Pavilion DM1, I’m somehow overpowered by a sense of nostalgia, and …irony. I remember getting into computers years ago, starting out on machines like these, back in the days when they … Continue reading

Review: Web Mail 2013

Hotmail gets the Metro treatment to become Microsoft’s web-based email service remains solid, without starting a revolution. Realising that Hotmail was getting long in the tooth, and was hardly a unified experience sitting in the Windows 8 browser, Microsoft is now adopting Outlook as a brand for personal, web-based email services. The accompanying facelift … Continue reading

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