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Full Circle #60 Fifth Birthday Edition Out NOW!

Full Circle – the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community are proud to announce the release of our sixtieth issue. It’s our birthday! Five years and going strong. This month: Command and Conquer. How-To : Beginning Python – Part 32, LibreOffice – Part 14, and Prey. NEW! Graphics : GIMP – The Beanstalk Part … Continue reading

Full Circle Magazine Issue 59 Out Now

Full Circle Magazine #59 is available from the main site. This month: Command and Conquer. How-To : Beginning Python – Part 31, LibreOffice – Part 13, Portable Linux, Resizing Your VirtualBox Drive, and Create Your Own Greeting Card. Linux Lab – Foremost for data recovery. Review – Bodhi Linux I Think – What turns to/from … Continue reading

Review: Linux Mint 12

It’s that time already, as Clem and the team gear up to push the next version of Linux Mint through the gate, the rest of us wonder if Mint can maintain it’s momentum in gaining a larger share of the Linux user base. Mint has built a reputation as the alternative to Ubuntu, variously catching … Continue reading

Review: Linux Mint 11

The quiet evolution continues. Linux Mint comes in two flavors (I know, I know, cliché alert…), the rolling Debian release and the more established, Ubuntu-derived, periodic release. Mint 11, codenamed ‘Katya’ is the newest based on Ubuntu 11.04, re-spun with the Mint team’s distinctive applications and software choices. If you are expecting revolutionary or cutting … Continue reading

Review: Linux Mint 10 ‘Julia’

I’ve been trying and reviewing Linux Mint since version 5.  At the start, Mint was a close Ubuntu derivative with a Windows-like interface and the USP of including preinstalled codecs for restricted formats.  Mint then began to push it’s usability changes to make it easier for Windows users to jump ship; the Mint Menu, safety … Continue reading

Ratings and Reviews in Ubuntu Software Centre

The Ubuntu Software Centre in 11.04 Natty Narwhal will finally have support for application ratings and reviews, a la Linux Mint. The current prototype (pictured courtesy of OMG-Ubuntu) looks rough round the edges and has a way to catch up with the Mint equivalent, which I like. Our concern on the Podcast is the process … Continue reading

Full Circle Side-pod Episode #5: It’s only a trademark

Full Circle Side-pod Episode #5: It’s only a trademark is available from the main Full Circle site.In this episode, Linux Mint Debian Edition and the Open Learning Center. News: Back-to-Mac announcements include something called Launchpad… which happens to be a Canonical Trademark.Interview: Alan Lord of the Open Learning Centre Review: Linux Mint Debian Edition Download … Continue reading

Review: Linux Mint Debian Edition

There is now a rolling release Linux Mint distro. It’s been in the pipeline for a few months. Linux Mint Debian Edition or LMDE is based on the Debian Unstable branch, as an experiment for 32-bit machines only. The Mint team retains the objective of making it an easy-to-use Windows replacement, question is, does the … Continue reading

Review: Simple Scan

Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 and all its derivatives now come ready-equipped with a useful little application called Simple Scan.Position it in your mind as F-Spot is to Gimp, so Simple Scan is to X-sane. This is the one-window, simplified scanning interface you’ve been waiting for. If you have even a moderately recent scanner this should work … Continue reading

Review – Linux Mint 9 Software Manager

Having touched on this in a previous review of Mint 9 ‘Isadora,’ the Mint Software Manager remains a step ahead of it’s counterpart in the other ‘Buntu distributions. Combining the previous Mint Software Manager with the GNOME App-Install and the new Ubuntu Software Centre, this must be one of, if not the best software installation … Continue reading

Review: Linux Mint 9 ‘Isadora’

A clean install of Linux Mint Isadora on Compaq Evo I am something of a Linux Mint fan, as previous reviews of Mint 5 (‘Elyssa’) and Mint 7 (‘Gloria’) will show. It’s a good Linux distro for Windows migrants, thanks to the well-presented and well-described GUI utilities and Windows-like menus. The green-and-black livery evolves each … Continue reading

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