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News Dec 2015

• Amazon joins in on killing Flash, stops accepting Flash ads ( • Internet freedom is actively dissolving in America ( • Surgeon practices heart surgery using Google Cardboard before saving girl’s life ( • Backdoors embedded in Juniper Firewalls ( • Target sells PS4 box containing only a block of wood ( • Bluetooth … Continue reading

News August 2015

• Behold Dismaland: Inside Banksy’s Disneyland-inspired theme park (Mashable) • Amazon joins in on killing Flash, stops accepting Flash ads ( • You can now shoot crappy video (on purpose) with the new VHS Camcorder app • Lawyer demands trial by combat in New York court case ( • An ‘artificial leaf’ could one day … Continue reading


How self-publishing on LinkedIn can elevate your professional profile (Mashable) What did a web bot buy on the darknet? (BBC) Stephen Hawking appeared via hologram at the Sydney Opera House (Mashable) Why Amazon’s Dash Button Will Blow Up in Our Faces (Tech Update) 3 tips for making small talk suck less (Mashable) Full article Wimbledon … Continue reading

News: Numbers Prove Nobody Uses Google Plus

As we all thought, nobody uses Google Plus. The unwanted and unloved social network foisted on us by the advertising machine masquerading as a search engine has been revealed as Tumbleweed Central. Of course, ‘nobody’ is a relative term. Google made Plus accounts a mandatory add-on to all it’s Google sign-ons from Gmail to YouTube … Continue reading

News January 2015

• James Patterson releases the ‘world’s first’ self-destructing book • Golden Retriever can’t get enough of cute puppy videos • Bahraini activist sentenced to 6 months in jail for one tweet • Would you trust Facebook for your work? • How Verizon and Turn defeat browser privacy protections • UK prime minister Cameron wants to … Continue reading

Happy New Year 2014

Another circuit around the Sun completed, and we wish a happy New Year to all our readers, followers and casual visitors. Thanks for staying with us. May you have a happy and successful 2015. The Editors Image credit: Commons Google Images

News: Dyre Banking Trojan gathers pace

The malware, also called Dyreza, designed to bypass SSL and steal login credentials, is prompting sofware vendors to email clients a “not us, guv” denial. The Dyre banking trojan which was reported at the start of the Summer (source article: Security Researchers Warn of New Dyre Banking Trojan (eSecurityplanet) by Jeff Goldman, June 20, 2014) … Continue reading


• Journalist Claims to Find Islamic State Training Camp Using Google (Mashable) • Most smartphone users download zero apps per month (OS News) • More Than 1,000 Businesses Hit by Same Cyber Attack as Target (Mashable) • Can smartphones break out of their rut? (OS News) • What Role Do Personality Tests Play in the … Continue reading

Summer Vacation

Everything Express quietly went on Summer recess this week as the team went out and about to events and conferences; LonCon3 and Fightcamp. Fortunately everyone came back alive (although Mr Smithie is still AWOL somewhere in the sunshine).

News – May 2014

Bye-Bye Browsers: Why Facebook’s New App Links Are a Big Deal (Mashsable) eBay makes users change passwords (BBC) YouTube Creators Can Now Add a 3-Second Intro to All Their Videos (Mashsable) Facebook brings autoplay ads to UK (BBC) Marketers Use Facebook Despite Believing It May Be Ineffective (Mashsable) Furore over ‘sexist’ opera critics  (BBC) Russia … Continue reading

News 26 April 2014

• NASA Moon Probe Crashes Into Lunar Surface as Planned (Mashable) • Roads in Essex and Wales have slowest broadband speeds (BBC Newsbeat) • Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia Will Soon Be the World’s Tallest Building (Mashable) • Judge confirms link between Apple and patent troll Rockstar (OS News) • Windows Phone 8.1 released (OS … Continue reading

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