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Opinion: Networking and Business – Does Twitter Really Matter?

Article first appeared at Speaking Well in Public, 14 May 2014 Networking and business – does Twitter really matter? Here’s the answer. In April 2014 the BBC’s adaptation of ‪Jamaica Inn‬ attracted complaints and criticism for its sound and mumbling issues. On 22/4 I tweeted ‘BBC had 100+ complaints about Jamaica Inn sound and dialogue. … Continue reading

Opinion: Windows 8 Divides – Part One

Microsoft has turned its face away from the enterprise and the stalwart ‘home’ user in an all-out bid for the hearts and minds of a new generation. And it’s not working. Did someone say ‘convergence?’ The battle lines are firmly drawn over Windows 8. On one side is the (dying) breed of PC professional who … Continue reading

My New Year’s Resolution – To Get A Divorce (Re-post)

A superbly well-expressed post from earlier this year by Lesley Carter on her great blog, Bucket List Publications I’ve been cheating on Darren for almost two years and it’s time I admit it to myself and the world. It’s with someone who’s a reliable, funny, genius and never leaves me feeling lost. But if you’re … Continue reading

Opinion: A Little Extra Support Part Two [Guest Post]

Post originally appeared as A little Extra support by Edwin Flay Part One covered the good reasons to be a Background, or Scenic Artist… However, there are also several good reasons never to be an extra: A lot of other industry professionals will assume you’re not a trained actor at all; You will be treated … Continue reading

Opinion: A Little Extra Support Part One [Guest Post]

Post originally appeared as A little Extra support by Edwin Flay “Right, listen up! Gandhi’s dead and you’re all f******g sad!” – David Tomblin, 1st AD on Gandhi (according to John Sessions). This industry has an awful lot of disdain for extras, or background artistes, or SAs (supporting artistes). Everyone’s got a story about some … Continue reading

Opinion: Kindness Really Does Cost Nothing [Guest Post]

Article originally  appeared as Briefing 8: Kindness Really Does Cost Nothing at Social Housing World by Paul Levy, founder of CATS3000 and Rational Madness. Kindness is an Attitude…? Over many years of working in social housing as a trainer and facilitator I come across a lot of kind people. Now, it’s easy to use that … Continue reading

Opinion: Application In Competancy [Guest Post]

Guest post by sometime contributor David Wilkins, law student, classicist, fencing coach and blogger. Just filled in the application form for the BPTC. I was very surprised to find that, even there, everything is assessed according to damned competency questions. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised to find, in 5 years time, that it’s impossible to … Continue reading

Opinion: Go Fischer-Price with Flat Design

No, not flat-pack design, what do you think this is? IKEA? No, software design. The user interfaces for years have been Skeuomorphic and 3D; Apple went for hand stitched and patina’d leather finishes, Windows 7 was Aero’d, glassy and transparent. Buttons were pop-up, pop-out, marbled, reflective and lozenge-shaped. Well forget all that, the future’s flat, … Continue reading

Opinion: Windows XP – Not Dead By a Long Way

Updates for Windows XP will end in April 2014. Yet the venerable operating system that first appeared in 2001 still has a user base counted in the millions, thanks to Microsoft’s own ineptitude and miscalculation. After Vista’s spectacular failure cost credibility with enterprise customers and retail consumers alike, even Windows 7 couldn’t overcome the resistance … Continue reading

Opinion: The Time Travellers Box

Spent the last few days scanning ten years’ worth of pre-digital photos and memorabilia of our theatre and film-making… Edinburgh and Brighton festivals, one woman shows, cabarets, first forays into student film… Discovered a leaflet showing that our cabaret performance at one Edinburgh Fringe Sunday was compered by Frankie Boyle. With all the theatre and … Continue reading

Opinion: Losing the Phoney War

In an attempt to assuage the moral outrage of Daily Mail (it’s all their idea, you know) and Daily Telegraph readers, David Cameron “wants to declare himself the first prime minister to win the war on on-line porn” What war? The one against the legal, tax-paying industry that successive governments have relaxed restrictions year by … Continue reading

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