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How-to: Use Google OneBox Part One

Google: type a few keywords, hit enter. Sure. That will work. But you probably don’t want the 7.8 million results. You want seven. Good results. Quality results. Quickly. There are several enhancements to Google search – what it calls OneBox, designed to make searches simpler and more effective. Google has enhanced the artificial intelligence and … Continue reading

How-to: Search the Web More Effectively

The Internet is filling up. I don’t mean that it’s running out of space, there’s an infinite number of data bits we can create and store on it. I mean its getting crowded. This is good; as a fount of much human knowledge, more power to it. What’s not so easy any more is finding … Continue reading

Review: Blekko Search Engine

Google is more than a brand, it’s a by-word. Like Hoover, Google has become verb and a generic term for web search. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that other search engines are available, that even Microsoft’s Bing faces an uphill struggle. With an 80-90% share of searching the web’s trillion-plus pages, with Bing engineering … Continue reading

Link Wheel Myths for Search Engine Optimisation

There’s a whole White- Black- and Grey-hat industry of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), by which all manner of consultants promise to increase your commercial web-site’s page ranking on the major web search engines – Google being the primary target. Most of SEO is bunk; pure snake-oil. At best it throws money away achieving nothing, at … Continue reading

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