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How-to: Breeze Skype Interviews

Article originally appeared on social media,  Philippa Hammond ‏@TalkingSpeaking, June 2015 Skype interviews – top tips coming up… Skype interviews with video: they can see you… dress for business, remove everything from the background. keep your hands still and resist the urge to fidget. Sudden rapid movements distract attention from your message.

Why Microsoft bought Skype

Microsoft has spent $8.5 billion to acquire a company outside of its core competencies. The optimists look toward the wholesale integration of Skype technology into Microsoft’s product line. The pessimists say it paid over the odds for a firm that can’t deliver anything to Microsoft’s bottom line without radical and ruthless surgery – which may … Continue reading

Microsoft Acquires Skype for $8.5bn

The biggest acquisition in Microsoft’s history: buying Skype Voice-Over-IP telecoms company for $8.5 billion. Microsoft has trumped both Google and Facebook, which had been hovering over the purchase – although both these rivals have nascent voice and video telecoms already built into their own platforms. Rumours of technical asset-stripping or simply killing a rival service … Continue reading

Skype on Ubuntu Karmic: broken or not?

Straw poll; is it just me or does Skype 2.1 beta not want to install consistently on Karmic? All I get is a descent into dependency hell over libqt4’s… My old antiques the JVC and the Compaq are both fine, not so the big Dell machine…

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