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Review: A Town Called Eureka Season one (2006)

I missed Syfy Channel’s quirky TV sci-fi comedy drama the first time out, only to discover in the re-runs that is is more fi- than sci-, more wan-smile than comic and too predictable for drama. Which leaves it trading on quirky, and that just ain’t enough. Billed as a sort of X-Files-lite (even liter than … Continue reading

Review: Outlander Season 1 (2014)

Remember that 80’s boy’s own warrior fantasy Highlander, with immortal Scot-tosh swordsman Christopher Lambert fighting down the ages to the mordern day? Now imagine that flipped around, and role-reversed so a fish-out-of-water British nurse from WWII lands in Stevenson’s Kidnapped as told from Katriona’s point of view. Producer Ronald D. Moore brings twin-period Brigadoon Galactica … Continue reading

Review: Intruders (BBC America/BBC2)

Glen Morgan’s dark and violent conspiracy thriller sets itself up as inheritor to the X-Files; but if that doesn’t put you off, then shades of The Da Vinci Code and Labyrinth just might. Wearing its heart on it’s sleeve, Intruders blows its well-executed mystery set-up in the first episode to reveal its dark underbelly to … Continue reading

Review: Gotham

DC Comics gets serious in its rivalry with Marvel Studios in this impressively dark and threatening origins show; Batman the Early Years eschews the teen soapy Smallville to import Chris Nolan’s Batman movies and repeat the dark aesthetic of Arrow. Don’t forget your flashlight and moral compass. Beginning with the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, … Continue reading

Opinion: Networking and Business – Does Twitter Really Matter?

Article first appeared at Speaking Well in Public, 14 May 2014 Networking and business – does Twitter really matter? Here’s the answer. In April 2014 the BBC’s adaptation of ‪Jamaica Inn‬ attracted complaints and criticism for its sound and mumbling issues. On 22/4 I tweeted ‘BBC had 100+ complaints about Jamaica Inn sound and dialogue. … Continue reading

Review: Hinterland (BBC4 TV)

In a bleak landscape between sea and mountains, a broody city detective attempts to solve the murder of a retired children’s’ home proprietor, amid rural deprivation and suspicion; and rain. Lots of rain. You’d think we’d all had enough of wall-to-wall crime. Replete with subtitles and the foreign sounds of phlegm, yet another police show … Continue reading

Review: The Tomorrow People Season 1

Those of a certain age will remember a small British kids’ TV series from the 1970’s called The Tomorrow People. Big on ideas, low on budget, it was tea-time sci-fi with fish-fingers for the under 12’s. Well, like most TV, it’s been re-invented as one of those identi-kit American sci-fi shows; a middle-budget, flat-pack adventure … Continue reading

Review: The Musketeers (BBC1)

“Hello. My name is D’Artagnan. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Oh, hang on… As the BBC’s latest identikit adventure serial off the production line, Alexandre Dumas’ boys-own adventure is reinvented with a darker tone and an awful lot of leather. Filled with British acting stalwarts, it’s still somehow shallow, for all the extra … Continue reading

Review: Sherlock Season Three

Spoiler Alert! Are three episodes really a season? Gatiss and Moffat (with Steve Thompson) write more tricksy, twisty, cheatsy, glossy, 90-minute features based on Conan Doyle’s great detective. Through each of the knowingly post-modern, vain, smug, self-congratulating tangle of unsolved mysteries, plot holes through which you can pour the Reichenbach Falls, and style covering the lack … Continue reading

Review: Day of the Doctor

After a fortnight of saturation coverage on every BBC channel, the plot made no sense and despite show-runner and writer Steven Moffat’s oft-quoted dislike of plots that are too ‘timey-wimey’, the 50th Anniversary secial was a bit… ‘timey-wimey.’ With Tennant and Smith sliding into self-parody, gravelly John Hurt, as the ‘missing’ Doctor (more like the … Continue reading

Review: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Avengers director Joss Wheedon follows the Buffy formula for the comic-book, non-super-hero, whizz-bang action spy series. TV Marvel methodone for superhero film fans. It really does feel like a return to Buffy after the disappeared-up-its-own-tailpipe, conspiracy labyrinth of Dollhouse. Jumping in where Avengers Assemble left off, the miraculously resurrected Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) puts together … Continue reading

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