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How-to: Upgrade from XP to Windows 7 OEM

Following on from the earlier post, XP eXPires, I’m now looking for the cheapest way of upgrading a variety of old hardware. Windows 7 is the better option over Windows 8 – lower hardware requirement, no touch screen, cheaper licensing for older software. But there are plenty of SKU’s in both boxed retail and OEM … Continue reading

Opinion: Windows 8 Divides – Part One

Microsoft has turned its face away from the enterprise and the stalwart ‘home’ user in an all-out bid for the hearts and minds of a new generation. And it’s not working. Did someone say ‘convergence?’ The battle lines are firmly drawn over Windows 8. On one side is the (dying) breed of PC professional who … Continue reading

How-to: Fix Windows 8.1 Upgrades

Microsoft recently released Windows 8.1, the upgrade to Windows 8 that added features and addressed some of the user’s pet hates (no, that didn’t include the Fischer-Price ‘Metro’/Modern-UI non-desktop). Depending on how important you consider boot to desktop, SkyDrive (OneDrive) integration, and an updated UI, with dynamic Snap for multiple apps and sharing the desktop … Continue reading

How-to: Check Compatibility with Windows 8.1

It’s here: Windows 8.1. Boot to desktop, a Start button, and more user friendliness. But – is your software and hardware compatible with Windows 8.1? Windows 8.1 is an upgrade with serious issue for a significant number of users. And there’s no option to back-out to Windows 8. Affected users are stuck with it or … Continue reading

News: Some XP Security Updates after April

It looks increasingly likely that Windows XP users will still get some security-related updates after April 8, 2014. We all know Microsoft wanted a clean start with Windows 7, then 8, now Windows 9, but it simply cannot ignore the huge legacy of Windows XP the company’s core user base on the desktop. Depending on … Continue reading

How-to: Install Ubuntu 12.x On Older Hardware

With Windows XP support coming to an end and many older PC’s, laptops and net-books struggling to cope with newer software, you might want to think about going Open Source and switching to a free upgrade: namely Ubuntu versions supporting older processors. You may have read that from version 12.x onward, many Ubuntu users thought … Continue reading

Opinion: Eleven Things I Hate About Ubuntu

Much as I evangelise about Ubuntu, Linux and the Open Source ethos, help out with testing on Ubuntu Quality team from time to time and report bugs whenever I can, a ‘bad Ubuntu day’ only serves to remind me that as a product, it is simply not ready for mass-market, main-stream adoption. It needs a … Continue reading

News: Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal is Available

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal was released on October the 18th and is now available for download. At risk of preaching to the converted, Ubuntu is a flavour of Linux, released as a non-commercial Open Source operating system. It is completely free to download and install and offers a fast, free, and secure alternative to Windows … Continue reading

Opinion: Discovery as a Painful Process in Windows 8

Glad we sorted out how to synchronise Hotmail with my Windows 8 machine using the Mail app. Or rather, it sorted out itself. I have two issues, though. First: Modern-UI is no more intuitive than any other computer interface, you have to go through that process of discovery.  I suspect smart-phone users will have an … Continue reading

Opinion: Chasing Upgrades – Windows 8

“Windows 8 is being released soon and it’ll compete with Android and iPhone!” “Really? I heard it’s still only for desktops.” Following on from the Windows 8 Editions announced last month, there’s been time to reflect on the whole subject of Windows 8; do you need it? Will you upgrade at home? More importantly to … Continue reading

Ubuntu 12.04: What’s new?

The release of Ubuntu 12.04 includes new features and enhancements intended to make Canonical’s heavily branded Linux distribution an attractive proposition for consumers and enterprises. Take a look at what’s new and get the Ubuntu tour at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/whats-new. The Head-Up Display (HUD) “The new HUD gives you a fast alternative to the traditional, menu-based way … Continue reading

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