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How-to: WordPress Sitemap Page Without Plugins

Having inherited development of a client’s site, I looked at the amount of clutter my illustrious predecessor had built up and decided it was time for a spring clean. It ddin’t help that some of the old plugins proved incompatible by the time we upgraded WordPress through six or seven versions. I’ve come across recommendations … Continue reading

How-to: Understand WordPress’ Goshdarnit

Perhaps you’ve been using the WordPress.com platform for your website or blog and after a long wait for the screen to refresh after an edit, you get the message: Goshdarnit! Something has gone wrong with our servers. It’s probably Matt’s fault. We’ve just been notified of the problem. Hopefully this should be fixed ASAP, so … Continue reading

How-to: Choose a CMS, Part One

I was recently sent a query about whether to use WordPress or Drupal. It was from a non-technical person in the voluntary sector, so there was no point writing a technical article. I couldn’t assume anything about their level of technical knowledge. I did throw in Joomla as well, as it’s another website tool that … Continue reading

Our Top Posts This Week

I thought I’d take a look at the top posts visitors have viewed in the last week, just to see what is riding high in the miscellany that is Everything Express. What I find are some expected perennial favourites and some current big draws. Ready to do the count-down? Not ‘arf, mate! How-to: Adjusting Windows … Continue reading

News: The WordPress.com Reader (Re-post)

Originally posted on the Official Worpdress blog Freshly Pressed: Friday Faves: WordPress Reader. As you may have heard, Google Reader is shutting down on July 1. As readers ourselves, we understand the importance of a go-to space on the internet for your daily feeds and regular reads — and a place to discover new finds. If … Continue reading

How-to: Widget Visibility and You (Re-post)

Originally posted by Christopher Finke, on the official WordPress.com blog Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 Since the dawn of time, humankind has yearned for control. While we can’t give you more control over most of your life, we can give you more control over your widgets. And today, with the new widget visibility tool, you can … Continue reading

How-to: Deactivate WordPress Plugins on a Broken Site

You try to login to a WordPress site and you get the really helpful 500: Internal Server Error and can’t access the WP-admin panel. WordPress plug-ins can be a common point of failure – particularly if you upgrade plug-ins and the new release has compatibility issues. One of the common troubleshooting tips for WordPress is … Continue reading

How-to: Build a WordPress Server Part One – LAMP

I know there have been series and one-off articles on creating servers all over and in Full Circle Magazine in the past, but at risk of repeating things to the old hands, we’re going to run through some of that again to a specific purpose; namely, building my a WordPress server. You can build using … Continue reading

How-to: Reconnect your WordPress to Facebook and Twitter

I don’t know what occurs, but I suspect the Facebook API isn’t as stable or as open as is made out. I do know that sometimes the connections between Facebook or Twitter and WordPress.com break and WordPress stops feeding the social networks. There are periodic fixes, but the breakages are intermittent and ongoing. If this … Continue reading

How-to: Manage Multiple Authors Online Pt One – Identity

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it…” When we started, there were four of us, bumping along with a germ of an idea that we would write about whatever interested us. So we did. Then two got busy and pretty much dropped away. Then we were joined by a third who posts infrequently in … Continue reading

How-to: Add RSS Feeds to Facebook using RSS Grafitti

The WordPress plugin for Facebook isn’t working for us; we don’t know why, we can reset every day but it stops feeding soon after. So rather than push from WordPress to our Facebook page, we’ve opted to pull posts via the existing WordPress RSS feed using a successful Facebook app called RSS Graffiti. There are … Continue reading

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