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How-to: Conference Confidence

High stakes event coming up? Conference makers and breakers coming up next … Do your sound/PowerPoint check before they come in. ‘Is this thing on?’ isn’t a question for the audience.

How-to: Team Building the Inclusive Way

Team Building used to consist of everyone piling into a room, death by PowerPoint from our Glorious Leaders and thinly veiled threats of what would happen if we didn’t shut up, get on with it and meet the expected Mission Impossible revenue/savings/productivity/overtime targets. These days we have to be more inclusive. How do you balance … Continue reading

How-to: Corporate Communications

Originally posted as ‘Corporate Comms‘ at Speaking Well In Public‬’s Facebook page. All businesses need to get messages across to colleagues, customers and clients. To ensure your company communications fit the bill: Know your audience. If you don’t know who they are, or what they want and need, your comms won’t speak directly to them. … Continue reading

How-to: Three Great Leader Traits

Originally posted as ‘Three Great Leader Traits‘ at Speaking Well In Public‬’s Facebook page. Not all leaders are managers, and not all managers are able to lead. Leadership ability doesn’t necessarily arrive with a training course, and it’s nothing to do with age. It’s about personal credibility and charisma; that certain something that gives you … Continue reading

How-to: Personal Impact

Originally posted as ‘Personal Impact‘ at Speaking Well In Public‬’s Facebook page. Personal Impact When you stand up to speak in public, the first impression the audience have of you is visual, and it will take them those first few seconds to make up their minds about you. Because any audience needs to trust you, … Continue reading

How-to: ‘Pitch’ Perfect

Originally posted as ‘Perfect Pitch’ at Speaking Well In Public‬’s Facebook page. Perfect Pitch: A three-step approach to pitching for your next contract. Any business pitch needs to show that you’ve considered them and their needs, what you have to offer them and how great you could be together.

How-to: Core Values

Originally posted as ‘Core Values’ at Speaking Well In Public‬’s Facebook page. Look at any corporate website, and chances are you’ll find a page on Our Values. Some might dismiss the idea as new age, soft, touchy feely stuff – but values are worth exploring, establishing and promoting because they make business sense. Ideally, core … Continue reading

How-to: Risk versus Appetite

Originally posted as ‘#RiskAppetite’ at Speaking Well In Public‬’s Facebook page. How risk-averse are you – and your business? In personal and business life, risk is ever-present. Your response to risk is on a sliding scale from Averse, through Minimalist, Cautious and Open to Hungry. You might be naturally risk-averse in everything, always risk-hungry, or … Continue reading

How-to: Delivering a New Blended Learning Programme

Originally posted as Delivering a New Blended Learning Programme’ at Speaking Well In Public‬’s Facebook page. A corporate learning and development consultant’s approach, from first thoughts to first pass. Planning The client gives their initial vision for the learning and development needed, detailing what they want to achieve, their budget and timescales. I deliver an … Continue reading

How-to: Marketing the Brand ‘New You’ Part III

Originally posted as The Brand ‘New You’ at Speaking Well In Public. Actor, plumber, manager, scientist, athlete, nurse – whether you know it or like it or not, you and what you offer are a brand.You may be looking for your next employer, your next role or a higher grade, your next customer, interview or … Continue reading

How-to: Ten ways trainers and speakers go wrong

Post originally appeared as Ten ways trainers and speakers go wrong at Speaking Well In Public‘s Facebook page. How-to, or in this case, how-not-to: ten ways trainers and speakers go wrong… Starting by apologising and highlighting their own faults Fixating on tiny fluffs, while ignoring or denying they do things they could improve on Not … Continue reading

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