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Review: Squeeze Archive Manager for Xfce

To quote Squeeze developer Stephan Arts, “Squeeze is a modern and advanced archive manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment. Its’ design adheres to the Xfce philosophy, which basically means Squeeze is designed to be both fast and easy to use.” Currently version 0.2.3 is the latest release of Squeeze. That’s not a very advanced version … Continue reading

What Makes A Linux Desktop?

I have been reminded that many readers coming here for the first time won’t have a clue what Linux is, much less the difference between the many Linux ‘distros’ (releases), or the many Linux desktop environments. Much as you think Windows looks different from the Apple OS-X desktop, wait til you see the variety of … Continue reading

How-to: Run Xfce on Ubuntu 11.10 Final

Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment which is designed to be responsive and consume fewer system resources than say, Gnome with Unity, or KDE. It’s also a useful substitute for Unity now that Gnome panel has been removed in 11.10. I am now running it on the regular Ubuntu 11.10 Unity release; that’s not Xubuntu, … Continue reading

How-to: Xfce on Ubuntu 11.10 Beta

My failure to get on with the Ubuntu Unity interface is well documented. Meanwhile, D-day is getting closer: Ubuntu 11.10 drops on Oct. 13th  and the 11.10 release contains no ‘fallback’ to Gnome or any other desktop. I am now running plan B: the Xfce desktop environment sitting on top of the 11.10 Beta release. … Continue reading

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